How to Use Hatch With Your Current Phone Number

March 9, 2020

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Susan Stavitzski
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Susan Stavitzski

Are you curious about all these messaging services but nervous about using a different phone number to message your customers?

You have Google and Yelp listings, commercials, and advertisements all with your office phone number. That is the number you want your customers to be using when they contact you. The idea of sending messages from a different number just doesn’t feel right.

We hear you loud and clear. Hatch supports the ability for a customer to port or host their own phone number within their Hatch account. What does this mean?

Hatch can take your voice-enabled phone number (with your permission of course 😄) and mask our product to reflect that number. That means any phone calls or text messages you send from Hatch will actually come “from” your business.

I want all calls sent from Hatch to look like they are coming from our business number, not Hatch.

Hatch can use Call Porting to mask the Hatch phone number to be your business number. Any texts or calls that come from Hatch ‘look’ like they are coming directly from you.

A customer can still call directly back to your Hatch board for your team to tackle the same as if you were using a Hatch generated phone number.

In the same scenario, your sales reps can still outbound call directly from Hatch and the number appears on the client’s phone as your phone number, keeping the customer experience the same.

What if I want to use my already established call routing service?

No problem! We know these services can be expensive and incredibly cumbersome to adopt with your team. We don’t want you to undo all of that hard work.

Hatch can use Call Hosting to host your phone number for powering text messaging through Hatch and deactivating the calling features in our product.

What this means is if a customer calls your number from a text message sent through Hatch, it will go directly to your call routing system instead of first hitting the Hatch board.

How do I get set up?

It’s super easy to setup either Call Porting or Call Hosting on your Hatch board. Reach out to our support team hatchsupport@hatchify.co to get started.

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