Meet the Team: Beatrice Bronner, Account Executive

November 20, 2020

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Maddison Mccarthy
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Maddison Mccarthy
Start by telling us a little bit about yourself! Where did you go to school, do you have any pets, favorite spots for coffee, or just fun facts!

I graduated from VCU Art school and initially thought I wanted to be a full time artist! Things definitely changed and now I have been in some sort of sales role my entire career. In my free time I love being outdoors whether it is on Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, in the Blue Ridge, or continuously exploring Richmond’s vibrant art, dining, and music scene.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 3.25.59 PM

Beatrice enjoying time on the Chesapeake Bay.

How long have you been working with Hatch now? Do you think that working at Hatch has had an impact on your personal career development?

I have been with Hatch almost 6 months now.

 The most prominent growth (which could probably be applied to many others during Covid!) is learning to virtually sell. Making the shift from in-person selling where body language, attention, and trust are so evident, to a virtual realm where structure and speech carries a such great deal of weight has been a major learning curve. It is an exciting opportunity to really hone in on specific areas of development, and I’m sure it will be useful moving forward. 


Can you tell us about one of your most successful moments while working for the sales team? Or Just a conversation that went well or made you proud?

A few weeks ago, we had sales meetings booked back to back. It created a little bit of a bottleneck for our team.  But through all that craziness, 5 deals closed and 2 companies gave verbal signing commitments all within 24 hours…it. was. AMAZING. As someone in sales, those highs are phenomenal.

My proudest moment so far at Hatch was with a client who said they wanted to give referrals, but had to first wait and see success with their company. I definitely tried to push the envelope a bit…and speed up the process..but they were adamant on waiting. 

About 2 months in, they made their first referral and I was ecstatic. It was no longer about having an additional pipeline for me, I was more excited that they had seen such great growth using Hatch. It’s the ultimate goal: happy customers. 


What originally drew you to want to work for Hatch?

My initial intrigue with Hatch was centered around the startup environment. My previous job was with a startup too. There is something so exhilarating, albeit scary, about being in sales when revenue growth is not only crucial, but also decisive for the company’s future. 

When I received the opportunity to be the second AE for a company in a hyper growth state it gave me physical butterflies! Since then our sales team has grown to 8. It is great to be a part of.


What has your experience been working with companies impacted by Covid-19? Do you think that Hatch has been a helpful resource for them?

It is interesting since Hatch focuses on companies in the Home Improvement vertical and that industry has been booming during the pandemic. 

Ultimately, our software increases our client’s revenue by improving close rates, and making customer engagement seamless. We have people who sign up and have had their best sales months in the history of their business during Covid. 

Without Hatch, I can think of a lot of our clients who would be turning business away due to the inability to service them all. It's been really special to see.


What are your plans for your future? Are you just going with the flow, seeing what may come your way or do you have something more specific in mind?

The only true plans and goals I have are within my career. Most are monetary and internal goals around that. I grew up with three big brothers and have always been really competitive, especially as the only woman in my family and the youngest. I definitely want to out-earn all 3!

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 3.23.15 PM

Beatrice posing with her three brothers. 

As far as personal goals, whenever I have to make a wish on a birthday, shooting star, whatever, I just wish to be happy! Whatever that looks like. My Mom says she’s thankful for my, “Joie de vivre” or love of life. I want to continue living like that and seizing every opportunity or trying to make the most out of every day. Sales is a great cure for monotony… everyday is different and reliant on optimism. 

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