Meet the Team: Jeff Hurlock, Head of Sales

March 4, 2020

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the Washington, D.C.-area and went to college in Philadelphia. I got into start-ups right out of college and never looked back.

In my personal life, our family is about to grow - baby Quinn is due next week!

What drew you to work in sales?

It was kind of by accident. I founded a sports ticketing company right out of college when StubHub and eBay were just starting to take off.

I did that for six years and decided to join a small tech startup in D.C. as employee 25. I joined as their operations associate and my first task was to put together the company’s first ever health care plan.

It took me 45 days and I did everything right...except I forgot about vision care for everyone (oops) 🙂.

I was then asked if I wanted to be the first sales person and I said sure. The sales team grew to over 100 people in six years and I was a complete sponge learning everything I could from various sales leaders.

What is the role of a Head of Sales? What does an average work day for you look like?

Doing a little bit of everything each day. 50% of my time is spent recruiting and I love growing teams. I’m always looking to talk to people interested in sales or tech.

Coaching is a big component. An average day consists of group coaching through recorded calls where we pick a demo or discovery call and listen to it as a group and talk through it.

Sales and marketing are very close - we meet regularly to figure out which accounts we should target with webinars, email campaigns, podcasts, and blogs.

As we grow the team, our processes and tools are going to evolve, so we’re always evaluating everything to make sure our people are set up for success.New call-to-action

Where do you get inspiration? What inspires you? What makes you tick?

Books. I used to not read at all and one of my biggest regrets is not starting earlier. I try to read one book per week now and it helps me think clearer.


What do you like most about Hatch? What do you find to be most challenging?

We’re solving a major problem in the home services space and most of the time we’re talking to the owner of the business who’s responsible for the P&L.

Our goal is to help them improve their close rates, set more appointments each month, or improve their sales teams efficiency week-by-week. Seeing our customers succeed is a very satisfying feeling. It really does feel like we’re making a difference in their business, which ultimately affects the owner's livelihood right down to their employees.

The challenging part is - in a sense - being the first move in an industry that hasn’t been disrupted with technology for a very long time.

It’s a very educational sale - especially around the power of two-way text messaging. It’s a good challenge.

Where do you see yourself in the future, not only in your work life, but personally as well?

I want to grow people. I don’t want someone coming in the door and being an SDR or AE for 2-3 years (although that’s totally fine if they want to).

I want people to have the ability to hit their goals, grow from within and get promoted.

Ideally, in the future I'd love to see all 30 hires in positions of growth, whether as individual contributors or team leads in five years.

What were your emotions of starting in a new office in a new town?

I was nervous 😄.

My first day the internet went down in the office so we all worked out of a coffee shop in downtown Richmond for the day.

I think I had five cups of coffee that day and crashed pretty hard in the afternoon. I hope no one noticed.


What are the most important traits you look for in AEs and SDRs?

Curiosity is a big one. You have to ask a lot of questions and be curious about everything.

Have grit - this is one of our Hatchitudes. Sales is hard and there’s rejection on a daily basis. You have to put that in the back of your mind and keep pushing forward knowing that the next deal is right around the corner.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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