Meet the Team: Matt Violante, Account Executive

February 19, 2020

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Maddison Mccarthy
Written By
Maddison Mccarthy

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an Account Executive with Hatch. When I’m not working, I like to see my friends and family as much as possible.

After my older brother Bill and Chris Bache started Hatch, they allowed me to use it in New Home Sales while I was working for Boyd Homes.

I fell in love with the product. Having used Hatch first-hand and seeing the impact it can have in a high consideration vertical like real estate, it was a no-brainer transition for me.

Why did you choose sales?

I’d have to say because of the competitive nature and the fact that you can control your own destiny.

In sales, the majority of the time, you control your success or failure based on your effort and willingness to learn from your failures or from people higher up the chain than you that have been there before.

Growing up with 3 older brothers and competing uphill drove me to love competition and sales.

What is the role of an Account Executive? What does an average work day for you look like?

The role of an Account Executive is to prospect potential customers and demonstrate how Hatch could be implemented in their workflows to drive ROI and increase efficiencies. Determine whether or not they are our ideal ICP and get customized orders on the books.

A typical day would be running demo calls for prospects and fielding any of their questions.

Where do you get inspiration? What inspires you? What makes you tick?

I get inspired by the grind and hustle. Seeing others take it to the next level, inspires me to jump in and bump up my game. Competition inspires me and seeing success makes me tick.

What's an important trait for someone in your role? 

Being empathetic and authentic. They go hand in hand. If you’re truly empathetic and understand the problems business owners face, authentic conversations about solutions will follow.

What do you like most about Hatch? What do you find to be challenging?

What I like most would have to be the reactions of business owners on the phone when I’m giving them a free rehash to test out Hatch with no skin in the game.

We usually ask business owners for 50 unsold leads to automate for them. The call usually ends with their jaws on the floor and them asking me “what are the next steps to sign up?”.

Most challenging would have to be that we are creating a new market. No one else is solving the problems that Hatch is.. A single feature may be similar, but Hatch is one of a kind and has results that are not comparable to other software in this space.

Where do you see yourself in the future, not only in your work life, but as well as your own personal goals?

I see myself having a hand in Hatch partnering with so many logos that we don’t have enough cloud space to store their names. Also helping make Hatch a $600 million company in five years and having saved billions for SMBs globally.

During that ride up, helping pay off my mother’s mortgage and having a lake house to go along with my beach house, both filled with buckets of Bitcoins. Kidding...or am I?

What has your experience in sales at Hatch been like? 

My experience has been amazing. Having someone like Jeff Hurlock head the sales team, and taking me under his wing has been an experience that I could not gain anywhere else.

The skills that I have learned from him has allowed me to excel greatly; not just hitting quotas, but exceeding them six months in a row.

Has working with your family members had any sort of effect on your work life?

It’s been awesome! My family is super close. Don’t tell him I said it, but being able to work and learn from my older brother professionally has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me.

Do you consider yourself the ping pong champion?

Interesting question. I’d like to say yes...100%. But, I came in third in the Golden Paddle Championship. However, I do believe I have the potential.

In addition, I’d like to start implementing some new championships here at Hatch like the Golden Basketball. If we did that, no one in this office has a chance as my shot is as precise as Reggie Miller in his prime.

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