Customer Success Manager

We’re looking for a customer-obsessed Customer Success Manager to join our fast growing team in Richmond, Virginia.

Who We Are

Hatch is a Y-Combinator (AirBnB, Zapier, Stripe, DoorDash) alumni start-up that is changing the game for high-consideration companies. We provide businesses a platform and tools to talk with customers, gain their trust and win their business.

We’re comprised of a team of passionate, motivated individuals who are committed to bettering the sales and customer experience for high consideration products. In addition to this, our core values are important traits for this role.

Group 2249 (1)
Have Grit

Building an amazing company that delivers amazing products and brings value to the world, takes perseverance and grit. Don’t give up on your first, second, third or 10th try.

Group 2250
Have Ownership

Own everything you do - all the time. Be accountable and finish what you start. Don’t point the finger. Don’t make excuses. Don’t pass the buck.

Be Invaluable

Always be thinking about how to bring value. Every conversation and interaction with internal and external customers, you should be striving to bring value to that person or customer.

Group 2251
Be Customer-Obsessed

Make it your job, regardless of what your job title is. Think about things differently. Bring issues to the table, ask questions and help make things right, regardless of what your job title is.

Group 2256
Be a Learner

Have a thirst for learning and improving, ALWAYS. Strive to get better and always be improving.

Group 2252
Come With Solutions

Think about the problem or challenge and present solutions, don’t expect others to solve it for you.

Group 2257
Be Passionate

You can convey that passion in a professional way, but care deeply about your work and be passionate about everything you touch.

Group 2253
Have Urgency

If you’re lazy or comfortable with the status quo, you suck.

Group 2258
Be Collaborative

If you are an expert, bring your expertise. If you aren’t BUT you can support, listen and take in the experts feedback so you can help them accomplish their goals. Collaboration is a mindset that takes self awareness for EVERY situation.

Group 2254
Be Optimistic

Half the battle is looking at challenges through a different lens - approach everything through a positive and optimistic lens, where solving problems aren’t impossible and everything IS possible.

What You'll Do

A CSM owns the post-sales relationship for 75-100 customer accounts, ranging from $1-$2 million in Annual Recurring Revenue with Hatch.

What to Expect

30 Days
30 Days
  • Become a master of the Hatch software suite.

  • Start learning the customer and industry through customer support and shadowing other CSMs.

  • Take your first few accounts!
90 Days
90 days
  • Have a full load of customer accounts (up to 150 accounts)

  • Grow to expert level understanding of the product

  • Begin exploring and finding new use cases for your customers

    6 Months
    180 Days
    • Be considered an industry expert.

    • Help to identify upgrade opportunities (not a sales role)

    • Turn clients into raving fans


      A Hatch CSM:

      • onboards customers based on their specific use cases and processes, 
      • identifies new strategies to ensure proper adoption and success within the platform, 
      • maintains regular contact and owns the relationship management with their customers,
      • tracks usability and user performance of the platform, 
      • expands customer use cases and dollar spend, and
      • works cross-functionally with Marketing, Sales, and Product to formulate new features and strategies based on user feedback.

      Success Measurement: The role of the CSM is measured on both qualitative and qualitative data, including but not limited to, Gross Churn under 2% as an individual and Net Revenue Retention of 102%.

      What we look for…

      • Minimum of 12 months experience in an Account Management or Customer Success role.
      • Minimum of 12 months experience with SaaS.
      • Curiosity, grit, and efficiency.
      • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
      • Attention to detail, organization, and process-focus.
      • Growth mindsets that aren’t afraid to act quickly, learn, reflect, and try again.
      • Positive and motivated attitudes.

      Job Title: Customer Success Manager (CSM)
      Employment Type: Full Time Only (no contract or part time)
      Reporting Relationship: This position reports into the Manager of Customer Success.
      Location: Richmond, VA
      Travel: Little to none