Senior Recruiter

We’re looking for a Senior Recruiter to join (and help grow) our team in Richmond, Virginia.

The Opportunity

A Senior Recruiter is in charge of managing and recruiting all relevant job positions at Hatch. They will work directly with leadership to ensure that the company is attracting the top talent with the right incentives.

A Hatch Recruiter must be excellent at assessing the skills of our applicants, looking past their resume to see the real person behind the traditional resume outline.

This person is not just looking for the relevant experience of an applicant, but also their personality, background, and future goals and how that maps to a high growth SaaS start up company.


Who We Are

Hatch is a Y-Combinator (AirBnB, Zapier, Stripe, DoorDash) alumni start-up that is changing the game for high-consideration companies. We provide home improvement businesses a platform and tools to talk with customers, gain their trust and win their business.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits, including Paid Time Off and Medical, Dental, and Vision. In addition, we offer the unique opportunity to fine tune your startup skillset within a Hyper Growth SaaS company.

We are a team of passionate, driven, customer obsessed people who strive to provide the best solution for our customers and are guided by our 10 Hatchitudes. We take pride in providing not only the best product, but the best experience for our customers. We thrive in chaos and will not settle for anything less than the best and so should you.

What You'll Do

pipeline management
Pipeline Management
This is creating, organizing and executing on 4-8 positions within the company at one time.

- Outbound

- Inbound

- Networking

Working with leadership on giving the team visibility into the pipeline of roles. Managing 30-40 candidates per role, with 4-8 roles open
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Interview and Screening
Recruiter can screen Hatch candidates in different departments over the phone, while also scoring candidates based on hard and soft skills that map to Hatch.

Experience with “Challenge Based” screening and hiring procedures, giving candidates real life challenges to present and work through with the team.
Company Knowledge
Recruiter has in-depth knowledge about the Hatch Product and our value proposition to the market, so candidates are excited about Hatch.

Recruiter has a unique ability to convey the company culture and our Hatchitudes, to candidates both entry-level and senior.

Recruiter will be the “face” of the company in many ways, so you will promote Hatch on digital and in person platforms, in ways that make Hatch the most desirable place to work in the world.
industry saas knowledge
Industry SaaS knowledge
Recruiter will understand SaaS business model and the stages of SaaS growth, so that the roles at each stage map to the hiring profiles needed.

Recruiter will hire for all departments and all levels of experience:

-SaaS sales
-SaaS marketing
-SaaS engineering
-SaaS product
-SaaS customer success
Recruiter will also have a role in onboarding scheduling of new employees.

Recruiter will be responsible for procurement of equipment and software set up for new employees.


What We Look For

  • 2-4 years of experience recruiting for technology and sales roles
  • 2 years experience writing and articulating job roles and responsibilities
  • 2 years experience onboarding new employees
  • 2 - 4 years experience presenting and articulating value propositions of company values, roles and responsibilities and expectations, to both small and large audiences
  • Sales background is a plus

Job Title: Senior Recruiter
Employment Type: Full Time Only (no contract or part time)
Location: Richmond, VA
Travel: Little to none