Software Project Manager

We’re looking for an Software Project Manager to join our fast-growing sales team based in Richmond, Virginia.

Who We Are

Hatch helps Home Improvement and Home Service companies manage their entire customer conversations from pre-sale to post-sale, all in one central place using our business messaging platform.

We do this by automating customer conversations through SMS, email and voicemail drops to help businesses set more appointments, increase their close rates and improve their customer communications.

Our development team is small but we’ve built a great culture where everyone works together toward a common objective. We are very metrics-driven and hold ourselves to a high level of accountability.

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Have Grit

Building an amazing company that delivers amazing products and brings value to the world, takes perseverance and grit. Don’t give up on your first, second, third or 10th try.

Group 2250
Have Ownership

Own everything you do - all the time. Be accountable and finish what you start. Don’t point the finger. Don’t make excuses. Don’t pass the buck.

Be Invaluable

Always be thinking about how to bring value. Every conversation and interaction with internal and external customers, you should be striving to bring value to that person or customer.

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Be Customer-Obsessed

Make it your job, regardless of what your job title is. Think about things differently. Bring issues to the table, ask questions and help make things right, regardless of what your job title is.

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Be a Learner

Have a thirst for learning and improving, ALWAYS. Strive to get better and always be improving.

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Come With Solutions

Think about the problem or challenge and present solutions, don’t expect others to solve it for you.

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Be Passionate

You can convey that passion in a professional way, but care deeply about your work and be passionate about everything you touch.

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Have Urgency

If you’re lazy or comfortable with the status quo, you suck.

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Be Collaborative

If you are an expert, bring your expertise. If you aren’t BUT you can support, listen and take in the experts feedback so you can help them accomplish their goals. Collaboration is a mindset that takes self awareness for EVERY situation.

Group 2254
Be Optimistic

Half the battle is looking at challenges through a different lens - approach everything through a positive and optimistic lens, where solving problems aren’t impossible and everything IS possible.

What to Expect

Here at Hatch, our Software Project Managers are responsible for managing our software delivery processes and ensuring on-time delivery of key features, enhancements, and optimizations for our customers. As the fastest growing startup in RVA, we are a small but mighty results-oriented team consistently delivering more with less.

Our Software Project Manager will manage our Agile / Scrum software development processes from start to finish in support of our development objectives. They will be expected to lean on technical knowledge in addition to their Project Management acumen to oversee and deliver on product deadlines. This position will work closely with our Front and Back End engineering teams in order to effectively create and execute project plans.

What You’ll Do:

  • Immerse yourself into the needs of the business and truly comprehend each project’s objective(s).
  • Own the Agile / Scrum development process at Hatch and instill team accountability.
  • Understand and utilize team strengths to plan and delegate project tasks to both the Front and Back End engineering teams.
  • Establish and deliver on ambitious, but achievable, timelines for features, enhancements, and optimizations of the Hatch platform.
  • Think proactively and squash problems before they become an issue.
  • Lean on your technical background to plan and executive projects efficiently.
  • Utilize superior communication and organizational skills to serve as a liaison between engineering, leadership, and co-founders for all projects.
  • Translate business needs into actionable technical requirements that our development team can understand.
  • Take a results oriented approach when it comes to delivering.
  • Provide updates on project status and timelines, working to resolve any roadblocks as they arise.
  • Monitor, track, and report on project status to leadership and management teams.

  • 30 Days
    30 Days
    • Meet with members from the product/sales/cse team to understand how the software works, why, and common use cases.
    • Meet with service member to see a user in action, gaining a better understanding of our customers.
    • Understand our clients - sitting in on, and listen to/watch dozens of sales presentations and implementation calls to best understand prospect and client wants, common questions.
    • Sit with pm/product/engineers to understand current processes.
    • Understand product road map and plan out current workload.
    60 Days
    60 days
    • Understand clear product roadmap and project related to your work.
    • Work with and help manage projects related to your work
    • Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress
    • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs using appropriate verification technique
    • Report and escalate to management as needed
    90 Days
    90 Days
    • Own and manage specific projects
    • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
    • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques
    • Be seen as an expert resource on all things project management


    What You Bring to the Table
      • 5+ Years of Software Project Management experience with Agile / Scrum methodologies
      • JIRA proficiency - Over 9000
      • Computer Science or Technical Background. Specifically, the ability to read and understand React / Redux and Go languages
      • Proven track record of meeting deadlines in a high-growth environment
      • Exceptional resource, organization, and time management skills
      • PMP or other Project Management certifications a huge plus
      • Results oriented
      • Previous SaaS experience highly desired
      • A “Get !@#$ done” mentality


    Job Details

    Job Title: Software Project Manager

    Location : Remote / Richmond, VA 

    Employment Type : Full Time Only (no contract or part time)

    Reporting Relationship : This position reports into the Director of Engineering & Co-Founder

    Travel : Minimal / None