Technical Account Manager

We’re looking for a Technical Account Manager to join our fast growing team in Richmond, Virginia.
Group 2257
Our Engineering and Product teams are small but mighty - we’ve built a great culture where everyone works together toward a common objective.

The Director of Customer Success role will be the fearless leader for our Customer Success Team (Customer Success Managers, Onboarding Success Managers, and Customer Support), developing and instilling the overarching strategy for our entire CS department for new and existing customers.

Group 2252
In this role, you will help translate customer needs and requirements into technical specifications for our engineering team.

You’ll be joining a quick moving, Agile product and engineering team committed to providing the best experience for our customers.

Group 2250
You will be speaking with our customers at varying stages of the lifecycle but primarily during the onboarding/implementation stage.

You will work to identify what is needed by our engineering and product team to ensure customer success with the Hatch software. Once you get that information, you will be translating them into actionable development and engineering tasks for APIs, integrations, and any other custom setup needed for our customers to be successfully onboarded with Hatch. You will handle inbound account requests from customers and sit in on implementation/onboarding calls to get insights on how to make the process much smoother.

What to Expect in Your First 30, 60, 90 and 180 days

30 Days
30 Days
  • Meet with members of our Data, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering teams.

  • Begin to understand our tech stack.

  • Sit on and listen to Customer Success and Customer Implementation calls to get a better understanding of our clients and what they need.

  • Meet with Leadership from Data, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering teams to gain an understanding of the company and our values (affectionately called our “Hatchitudes”).

  • Download all things Hatch - start becoming knowledgeable in our product value to our customers.
  • 60 Days
    60 Days
  • Start to fully understand the Hatch product.

  • Begin to understand common customer requirements and identify trends.

  • Understand the language of our customers and how to communicate that to our Development and Engineering team in actionable language.

  • Take on your first set of customers.
  • 90 Days
    90 days
  • Have a clear, defined checklist developed for capturing our customer requirements and a process on how to hand off to the development team.

  • Have a clear understanding of the capabilities that the Hatch software is able to provide in relation to customer needs and be able to communicate this with our customers.

  • Become a key part of the on boarding and implementation process for all new customers, managing your own account load.
  • 180 Days
    180 Days
  • Become a master in the Hatch software and all of it capabilities.

  • Be able to proactively identify areas of need based off of your expert understanding of common and frequent customer requirements.

  • Be an expert for all of Hatch’s functionalities and constantly staying up to date on new developments for Hatch’s integration/API capabilities.

  • Have a strong understanding of common CRM and systems that our customers use (Salesforce, ServiceMonster, etc) to help streamline the onboarding process.

  • Be seen as the go to team member for any technical implementation questions from either customers or our onboarding team.

    What we're looking for 👀

    • You don’t get overwhelmed easily, are task oriented, and stay organized amidst the controlled chaos.
    • Team oriented individuals who can take initiative but aren’t afraid to ask questions for clarity.
    • You can speak the language of our customers but also have a technical mindset and are able to translate what our customers want into terms that our engineering and development teams can take action on.
    • Excellent communication and organization skills - you aren’t afraid to ask our customers clarifying questions to get the most complete and accurate information.

    Our expectations

    • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field desired.
    • Up to 2 years of experience in a customer facing environment in a technical role.
    • Some Business Analysis experience a plus.

    Your skills

    • Clear and direct communication.
    • Translating needs and requirements from layman’s terms to technical terms.
    • Experience working with CRMs, APIs, and Integrations a plus
    • Technical mindset.
    • Project Management.
    • Ability to think ahead to identify and correct potential issues before they happen.