Kickstart Conversations with ServiceMonster + Hatch

Power-up your engagement efforts with real-time texts, emails and calls from one collaborative workspace when you integrate ServiceMonster and Hatch.
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Why Integrate ServiceMonster with Hatch?

With seamless push-pull connectivity, our integration lets ServiceMonster do what it does best - store your customer and lead data. Hatch takes that data to the next level with real 1:1 conversations.
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Modern Messaging

Your Hatch board becomes your inbox for every type of interaction you have with prospects and customers. Create and manage all text, email and phone conversations in one clean dashboard.

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Comfy Collaboration

Hatch makes team collaboration easy, allowing you to tag in team members in customer conversations. Our software keeps your organization in lock-step on every account.

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Deep Reporting

View all of your customer insights - from sales conversations & follow-up to service & care - in meaningful reports that are easy to understand and act on. Track your financials and even your ROI with the click of a button.

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Powerful Automation

Hatch gets the conversation started for you. No more wasted time cold calling and sending unopened emails - we put you in front of your prospects when they're ready to talk.

How Our Integration Works

Pull Contacts
Pull Contacts
Hatch fetches any newly created contacts or contacts updated for the previous day within ServiceMonster.
Push Communications
Push Communications
Hatch Communications such as a call, text, or email is recorded in ServiceMonster’s Account Record in the Activity Section.

See it in action

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Contact information is passed from ServiceMonster to Hatch for quick reference in your conversations.
Hatch → ServiceMonster servicemonster2
Conversation data is passed from Hatch to ServiceMonster and appears at the Activity Section.

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