Hearth Integration

Integration Overview

Hearth helps contractors easily introduce financing throughout the home improvement sales process.

In one click, contractors can provide homeowners with their Hearth financing link within their text and email conversations. From there, homeowners are taken to one simple application that can instantly pre-approve them for financing, from over 13 lenders, with zero impact on their credit.

Hatch and Hearth have found that offering financing is critical in 3 key parts of the sales process:


Most homeowners have no idea of what things cost or how much they can afford. Be one step ahead by offering financing before stepping foot into the home. Overcome budget constraints and provide homeowners with more possibilities.


Include financing options alongside your quotes to make you even more competitive than the competition. If they know they can afford it, they’re more likely to purchase!


Price is one of the main objections that surface in Hatch rehash messaging campaigns. Offering financing is one of the most effective levers to help you close more rehashed leads.

If you’re a Hatch and Hearth customer, activating the integration takes less than a minute.

Here’s how it works:


Setting Up

  1. First, go to your Hearth Dashboard and copy your financing link. If you do not have a Hearth Account, sign up with them herehearth1.png
  2. In Hatch, navigate to your Profile Settings.


  3. Click on Apps, add your unique Hearth Link, and hit save.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a Hearth Account?

Sign up for Hearth here. As an official partner, Hearth offers special pricing for Hatch customers. 

Is the Hearth Link for our entire Hatch Team?

The Hearth Link is unique to your profile settings. Decide as a team if you all want to use the same link, or if you would prefer to send different links based on your sales process.