Reports Basics

In this article, we'll cover each Reporting Section in detail, review features, and answer frequently asked questions. 

Video Walkthrough

Navigating to Reports

Reports can be found in the bottom left corner of Hatch. From here you can navigate to the different sections or adjust filtering options. 

Understanding the Numbers

Reports is made up of three sections. Sales, Engagement, and Campaign Insights. Below are descriptions of each data point.

If you would like to see a video walkthrough, check that out here


Sales breaks down and pinpoints exactly where every dollar came from in Hatch conversations. 

Total Sales Amount - total sales money amount with sold set dates in time range

Sales Breakdown Pie Chart - shows Top 5 performing campaigns based on sales calculated

Leader Boards - shows Top 5 performing boards based on sales calculated

List of Sales - lists all contacts that have a sold entry. Dig in even deeper by clicking into each contact card to see the full conversation history. 

How to use this Data

The sales section pinpoints what campaigns bring in the most money for a given time period. It’s important to remember that sales goals can be different from engagement goals. 


Sales breaks down and pinpoints exactly where every dollar came from in Hatch conversations. 

Contacts Imported - total number of contacts imported

Contacts Launched - unique number of contacts that have been put into a campaign

Contacts Responded - unique number of contacts that have responded to a campaign

Engagement Rate - shows the overall percentage of contacts that responded to campaigns

Reply Time - give you an average of how fast your Hatch users respond to your contacts

Engagement Breakdown Pie Chart - shows what type of communication your contacts responded with

Total Communications - will show total number of inbound and outbound communications by type

How to use this Data

The engagement section will help you start to learn more about your customers. Do they like to respond through text? Are you seeing a good engagement rate?

Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights will show you how your campaigns are performing for the time period.  

List of Campaigns - lists out all campaigns for Board filter selected with how many contacts launched, how many contacts responded, how many sold entries occurred,  and overall sale value. 

How to use this Data

The campaign insights page can give you a quick glance at campaign activity. What campaigns are running for the given time period? 

Filtering Reports

Reports can be filtered down by the following options:

  1. Date Range
  2. By Workspace

Exporting & Sharing Report

Reports can be downloaded from the top navigation bar. Click the three dots, and then pick Export

You can currently only export data into a JSON file. The file will download data based on what filters you have picked such as date range or workspace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I can see a report but another user can’t?

You can only see reports for workspaces you have access to. This also applies to “All Boards”. It will only calculate data for boards you have access to. 

How can I tell the sale is actually attributed to Hatch?

Sales are based on sold entries that users set in the open card of a contact. However, most of our accounts also have a sold audit set up. Sold audits will create sold entries for you based on criteria set in your CRM. 

If you aren’t sure if that is set up for your accounts, reach out to customer support and we can check for you and show you how it is calculated. 

Also, from the Sales Tab, the List of Sales will allow you to see all contacts that have a sale attributed to them, and see what campaign they went through. From there, you can click on the contact or the campaign to view more details. 

Can I pull a 6 month report or a custom date range?

Using the date picker dropdown, click ‘custom’. Then pick your to and from dates, and hit done. 

How can I see reports for all my boards at once?

Using the board dropdown, click “All Boards”

How is reply time calculated?

Reply time is how fast it takes a user to respond to a contact AFTER that contact responds to a campaign. 

For example, a contact is put into a campaign, and then that contact responds to the campaign and pops onto the Board. The reply time clock starts. It will end when the user replies back to that contact for the first time.

To get even more granular, reply time is actually the median of all your reply times for a given time period (not the average). 

Why don’t you have a user leaderboard?

Sometimes the user that creates the sold entry may not be the one that actually SOLD the contact. Attribution to specific users or reps is tricky business!