How Top Home Improvement Businesses Prepare For A Recession


81% of Americans believe we will be in a recession within the year. Whether we are or not, those fears still leave homeowners a little more reluctant to open their wallets for home improvement projects. In fact, we’ve been hearing from some of our customers that they’re seeing about 15% fewer leads than just a few months ago.

So what should home improvement companies do to not only ride out the storm, but come out even better than they were before? Grab some tips from the top business experts in the industry. Find out how to:

  • Don’t Slow (Or Stop!) Marketing
  • Respond to Every Inquiry Within 5 Minutes
  • Talk with Leads the Way THEY Prefer
  • Leverage the Gems Hiding in Your CRM
  • Don’t Forget the Art of the Follow-Up
  • Avoid Cutting Prices at All Costs
  • Check Out Your Own Financials