Automate workflows for greater efficiency and productivity.

Finding contacts, building a list, putting them into the right campaign, and routing responses can take hours.

Workflows lets you build a flow, set it, and forget it.


Putting your inbound and outbound communication strategy together has never been so easy. 

Save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks and processes of your outbound and inbound communication activities. Workflows can eliminate the potential for human error and ensure that tasks are completed consistently and correctly – every single time. 


Pick your targeted audience

Easily select or build a customized audience list you know you can use over and over again, and save it to your workflow. Your workflow will check for list updates, all on its own.

Pick a specific campaign

After you select your audience, attach or build a campaign that you want to use to target those specific customers.

Set workflow rules & launch

Rules allow you to select days of the week, how often, and how much the workflow runs, as well as remove rules.

Automate your tasks of building and updating lists, and launching contacts into campaigns.

Manual tasks not only take time, but can lead to a higher risk of errors, and messaging mistakes. Those days are over.

Put your list building and campaigns on auto-pilot to make sure customer communication never gets missed.


Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

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