How local Pella branches use Hatch to close $2.4M in 24 months.

How Pella uses Hatch:


Nurture Conversations

Cancelled Appointment Resets

Partial Job Follow Up

Google Reviews

Google My Business Messaging

Jason is the Retail Sales Manager for Pella Windows of Virginia. For Jason, the idea of using Hatch came from a need to increase their sales close rate and to increase Google reviews for 3 different locations.

Jason knew that they had over 20k contacts in their database, and that having conversations with the right customer, about their unfinished projects, could turn into a goldmine.

In just 60 days, Jason saw dramatic growth (over 10% increase) in sales and re-booked appointments as well as Google Reviews, directly attributable to using Hatch...

Pella's growth from using Hatch

Why Hatch?

1. Using Hatch’s success team and data mining capabilities, he can now automatically identify contacts in his database to have conversations with. Saving his team hundreds of hours a month.

2. Hatch’s combination of SMS text, email and voice automation increased his customer engagement from 2% to over 65%.

3. Hatch’s success team directly tied Hatch performance to business goals - setting 10X the number of Self Generated or Branch Generated opps.

Pella's growth from using Hatch


This is the MOST excited I have ever been about a software/service. EVER.

We needed a uniform rehash process that could be accountable. Hatch is that solution for us. It is not plug and play, but because of the coaching, flexibility and structure of the program - it fits perfectly in the business. We have tripled our rehash efforts MoM. It's the best.

Devin Brady uses Hatch at Pella
Devin Brady
Retail Sale Manager

Real Growth

Pella used Hatch to drive incredible growth - fast.

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