76 locations use Hatch to increase speed to lead by 1400%.

How Rent-A-Center uses Hatch:

Internet Lead Form Submission Follow Up

Wondersign Kiosk Lead Follow UP

Increase Online Sale Conversions and Conversations

Google My Business Messaging

Shirin, the President of RTO Holdings, has 76 Rent A Center franchise locations throughout the East Coast. For Shirin and his Internet Specialist - Loraine, it was about getting to internet submission forms faster, in an effort to help customers convert faster and have detailed conversations about their renting needs.

The challenge was that the CRM that the team had to use made the data very hard to work with, following up via phone calls just wasn’t producing the type of results that Loraine wanted, and they felt like there was a better way.

After working a seamless integration with Hatch and their CRM, Loraine never has to pull data and sort it again. Loraine never has to manually reach out to these customers because Hatch does all the heavy lifting.

Rent-A-Center's growth from using Hatch

Why Hatch?

1. Simple Data Integration and Daily clean up. No more duplicates, no more manually pulling data. Every day data seamlessly integrates directly into Hatch, so no customer goes without contact.

2. SMS text, Email and Voice automation makes it easy for Loraine to JUST talk to the customers who respond. She now spends 100% of her time helping customers and finding the right rental package.

3. Easier for customers to pay over Multiple Channels. Once a customer is interested, Loraine can easily get credit approved and the customer converted - all over SMS text, Email and Voice.

Rent-A-Center's growth from using Hatch


Hatch is the perfect solution for me because it’s simple to use and I focus on talking to customers. I used to spend 4 hours a day JUST sifting through the leads to call. Now I wait for the customers to come to me... and it works. I send interested customers back to the store everyday and complete customer sales over text. I could not do that without Hatch.

Loraine Garcia uses Hatch at Rent-A-Center
Loraine Garcia
Internet Web Manager

Real Growth

Rent-A-Center used Hatch to drive incredible growth - fast.

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