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How Window World uses Hatch to close $170k a month in additional revenue

How Window World uses Hatch:

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90-120-300 Day No Sale Follow Up

Stefan is the COO of the Window World franchise in Atlanta GA. For Stefan, he was looking for a way to increase his close rate and sell more of the jobs that sales reps couldn’t get back in touch with.

The challenge was that outsourcing Rehash never moved the needle, and everything that was tried internally, just wasn’t sustainable month over month.

After partnering with Hatch and our success team, Stefan is using Hatch for rehash with his Sales Managers answering JUST the interested customers, and they sell an average of $170k in additional jobs every month. Stefan is now using Hatch for so much more.

Window World's growth from using Hatch

Why Hatch?

1. Hatch knows EXACTLY who to target and to start have conversations with. Stefan doesn’t have to instruct his team to do anything, all of that happens automatically.

2. SMS, EMAIL and VOICE automation saves his team HOURS of manual effort and increased his engagement rate by 75X.

3. Stefan wanted to increase his referrals, but getting reps to get referrals is TOUGH. He now uses Hatch to have a “manager” reach out and thank the customer, as well as ask for referrals from every satisfied customer.

Window World's growth from using Hatch


The thing about Hatch is... it’s a great software. BUT... it’s an even better company. Josh, my account partner helps me execute using the software, their success team makes sure that usage matches my business goals every month. The fact I don’t have to worry if Hatch is making each location an ROI because they have my back, it’s a no brainer.

Stefan Stowe uses Hatch at Window World
Stefan Stowe
Chief Operating Officer

Real Growth

Window World used Hatch to drive incredible growth - fast.

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