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How Ashley Furniture uses Hatch to sell an additional $40k a month in furniture.

How Ashley Furniture uses Hatch:

Wondersign Kiosk Lead Follow Up

Facebook Form Submission Follow Up

InstaPage Form Submission Follow Up

Google My Business Messaging

Christina is the inside marketing manager for Sunshine Furniture selling the Ashley Furniture HomeStore brand in Raleigh North Carolina. Christina wanted to use Hatch to quickly reach out to HUNDREDS of customers everyday, on all communication channels.

Her challenge was that prior to Hatch, she had to manually pull the customer information everyday, as well as manually call each and every customer. Inevitably, customer slipped through the cracks because it took too long to get back the potential customer.

With Hatch, Christine automatically engages with all of her customers instantly - and she turns those conversations into $40k a month of additional furniture sales.

Ashley Furniture's growth from using Hatch

Why Hatch?

1. Hatch can automatically follow up with all of those form submissions. Christina never has to manually pull a list again.

2. Christina can now have conversations with these customers via SMS TEXT, EMAIL and VOICE - without any effort.

3. Customers want to shop differently. Now, Christina can sell furniture over multiple communication channels with ease.

Ashley Furniture's growth from using Hatch


I love Hatch and recommend it to everyone that has an inside job responsibility of reaching out to customers. I crushing my conversion to sale goals, and I literally paid for Hatch in my first week using it.

Christina Apostolides uses Hatch at Ashley Furniture
Christina Apostolides
Digital Marketing Consultant

Real Growth

Ashley Furniture used Hatch to drive incredible growth - fast.

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