Getting Started with Hatch

Here's what to expect when you sign up for Hatch.

Hi, I'm Sarah, your Customer Success Coach.

You get a dedicated customer success coach that works with you to grow your business.

Here's what your first day with hatch looks like:

Hatch Customer Success Coach
Step 1


  • We'll create a launch plan that aligns with your business goals.
  • We organize your data to know exactly who to go after and when.
  • We create your sales conversations, leveraged by millions of analyzed conversations designed to get the best response.
Step 2


We sit with you for your first launch to experience the power of Hatch.

Add contacts
Send messages
Step 3


Now it's time to respond to your new customers. Organize, sell, and repeat!


Turn responses into conversations

We automate contacts, you focus on the conversation.


Organize conversations

Easily focus on the most important conversations.


Turn conversations into sales

Connect with your customers, make sales.

Step 4


Work with our team to continue pushing your goals and help hold your users accountable.

Playbook Masterclass

Hand-picked sales strategies for your business.

Strategy Planning

User and stakeholder growth planning.

Progress Tracking

Get insights into your team's performance.

1:1 Performance Sessions

Personalized performance sessions to optimize your growth and work on in-app execution.

KPI Monitoring

Constantly refine and improve strategies to exceed goals.

Hatch Success Coaches helping franchises close more sales.