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AccuLynx Integration

In this article, we'll cover the basics of our integration with AccuLynx. From what it does, to how to get started, and even frequently asked questions.

Integration Basics

What does the integration do? 

Pull Contacts: Each hour, Hatch will make sure that all contacts from AccuLynx are pulled into your Hatch account and updated with the most recent information.

Push Communications: Anytime a communication such as a call, text, or email takes place within Hatch, we’ll send that information back to AccuLynx's Job Record in the Messages Section.  

Note: This integration does not offer Edit your Contacts at this time. If you update the First and Last Name, Email, or Phone Number in Hatch, that change will not be reflected in your CRM. Update any contact information in the CRM, and wait for it to sync back to Hatch. 

What information do you pull into Hatch?

We pull in the Contact’s name, phone number, and email address to get started. This is typically what we use to put contacts into a campaign. We also pull in any contact details you may have in AccuLynx. This can include things like Address, Quote Amount, Sales Representative.

This information is pulled from Contacts and Jobs in AccuLynx. 

 With these details, we can make your messaging extremely customized.  


Here is an example of a contact that was pulled in through the AccuLynx integration.

How often does the integration sync?

Our integration will sync every night at 3 AM EST. Any contacts that were updated or created within the previous day in AccuLynx will be pulled into Hatch.


A sync can always be performed from the Contacts Page in Hatch if needed.

Where do Hatch communications show in AccuLynx?

When communications are sent back to AccuLynx, they will show up in the Job Record in the Job Activity > Messages Section


Here is an example of Hatch Communications showing in the Job Activity Section.

The type of Hatch communication is as well as the content of the communication can be viewed by clicking in the Messages Section.


Here you can see the communication type, what board it occurred on, who sent the message, and the content of the communication is available in the Messages Section.  

We support the following activity types: 

  • Hatch Inbound Call
  • Hatch Outbound Call
  • Hatch Inbound SMS
  • Hatch Outbound SMS
  • Hatch Inbound MMS
  • Hatch Outbound MMS
  • Hatch Inbound Email
  • Hatch Outbound Email
  • Hatch Inbound Voicemail
  • Hatch Inbound Missed Call

Setting Up the Integration

Here’s what we need to get started:

  1. Create an AccuLynx user named “Hatch” that has Admin-level access. 
  2. Determine which Locations in AccuLynx you would like to pull contacts from. If you are not sure what your locations here, in the navigation in AccuLynx, there should be a dropdown that will display your locations.   Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_4.24.00_PM.png

    Here you can see this account has 8 Locations

  3. Submit this information through the AccuLynx Authorization Form.
  4. We’ll confirm with you the details of your integration, and then turn on the integration for you. 

Creating Audiences to Add to Campaigns

After getting a CRM integration set up, the next step is to start working on creating custom audiences with your data, and then adding those contacts to campaigns.  

Here’s a couple of examples of what we’ll talk about...

  • Correctly defining contacts statuses in your CRM
  • Identify any special fields that could be used in Campaigns
  • Deciding what contact details to use in campaign language

At this time, you can ask any outstanding questions you have about the CRM set-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hatch change contact’s statuses in AccuLynx?

We do not update any status in AccuLynx through the integration. However, if you change the status in AccuLynx, Hatch will update that contact’s information next time we sync (manually or at 3am EST).

We recommend syncing before running campaigns just in case any status changes occurred during business hours.

How often is does the CRM sync?

We sync Hatch with your CRM every night. However, at any time, you can use the Sync Button on the contacts page to make sure you are up to date before launching contacts into the campaign.

What information is pushed back to AccuLynx?

The only thing we push back to AccuLynx is the communications that occurred in Hatch. This can include texts, emails, or calls. These will populate in AccuLynx's Job Record in the Activities > Messages Section.

What Locations do you pull in?

By default, we will pull in Contacts from all Locations in AccuLynx. If you have certain Locations you would NOT like to pull in through the integration, please let our team know when we set up your integration. If you would like to add a new location after your initial integration set-up, please reach out to our team and we can add them. 

Why does Hatch need unique login credentials?

In order for the integration to run, we must have access to your AccuLynx account. If we use a login that someone on your team actively uses, anytime the integration attempts to run, that user will be locked out of their AccuLynx account. And likewise, the integration will fail to run!