Increase your appointment set rate. Overnight.

Set more appointments, improve customer communication and close more deals. Just do it with way less effort.   

The Hatch Customer Contact Platform helps you grow your revenue, consolidate tools, and improve your efficiency. 

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Speed to Lead Texting Example


response rate vs.
12% industry average.


increase in appointment-set rate
vs. industry average.


of customers see appointment rates
increase on day 1.

April Davis is driving $140k / month in new revenue.

Learn how April helped Paramount Builders increase their contact rate by 500% after instantly texting new leads.

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A Top 500 Remodeler Makes $94k More Per Month By Automating Follow-Up

See how The Board Store sealed their leaky bucket by automating follow-up with unsold leads.

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ABC Seamless of Nebraska is closing $50k / mo In Additional Sales

By messaging new Modernize leads in a matter of seconds, they're getting a 43% response rate and are saving 5 hours per week with automated follow-ups.

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We’ve generated millions in new revenue for our customers, and we’re just getting started.

Speed is King

Instantly engaging leads increases contact rate by 900%. So, while your leads could probably be better, simply contacting them right away has a huge impact to your bottom line.


Start With a Text

97% of consumers ignore calls from unknown numbers, but 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Leading with a text then following-up with all channels lets the customer choose how to engage – and they will engage.

Ongoing Engagement

40% of appointments are set after the first 24 hours, but most businesses only focus on new leads. An effective rehash program can drive significant revenue by re-engaging leads after the initial contact. It's like finding money in your couch! But like a ton of money.

Automation Wins

Managing lead, rehash, and nurture programs requires dedicated staff and training. Hatch simplifies everything 
by automating your engagement program using best-practice templates and integrations with lead partners, agencies, and web platforms so you can start driving ROI on day 1.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Hatch partners with the leading players in the home services industry. From lead partners to CRMs, we have integrations that will make your Hatch experience seamless – and way more powerful.