Life after Hatch

Improved efficiency

With outreach being automated, call center reps only have to spend time on the people who are responding.

  • Tasteful outreach via text, ringless voicemail, and email.
  • Organize and track conversations all in one place.
  • Shared workspaces and personal inboxes.
  • Pre-built campaigns

Why Hatch?

Hatch comes down to three things: revenue, retention, and customer experience. Let's explore.

Why Hatch?

You have a CRM. You stick to industry practices. So what's the big deal? What's so great about Hatch and why do you need it? Let's take a journey.

Why Hatch?

Three words: Response rates, ROI, and revenue.

Let's explore.


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How does Hatch grow revenue?

We've laid it out for you ⬇️

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why-hatch-how-hatch-grows-revenue-slide-How 2
why-hatch-how-hatch-grows-revenue-slide-How 3
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Why is automated text the solution?

Let's dig into the data 👇

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why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 2-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 3-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 4-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 5-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 6-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 7-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 9-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 10-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 11-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 12-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 13-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 14-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 15-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 16-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 17-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 18-100
why-hatch-why-automated-text-Why 19-100
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No more losing time (and your sanity) manually reaching out, combing through your database to create lists, or losing track of who needs what and when. Set your rules and let Hatch do it for you.

personalized, that is.

Automation does not mean canned! You set the rules and customize the messaging, and then you jump in and engage in real time when you get a response.

Plus the right approach...

Multi-channel (text, email, and voicemail), leading with text, and followed up on over several days.

streamlined, that is.

Communicate with customers, track and pass off conversations, and report on results, all in one shared interface.


Means better results...

  • More outreach, more responses, and more time to engage effectively with those responses.
  • Means more appointments, sales, upsells, reviews, referrals, and retention.

Revenue, that is

  • This all translates to higher returns on your marketing, sales, and customer service investments.
  • And better retention (happier employees and customers).
  • Which ultimately means higher revenue.

Maximized returns

Successful campaigns run by less-stressed reps=higher returns on your marketing investments, higher employee retention, and lower churn.

  • Campaigns proven to increase response rates, set rates, close rates and reduce churn
  • Lead outreach, sales follow up, customer retention, and more.
  • Reporting on reply rates, reply times, campaign performance

Happier employees

The name of the game here is ease. No enormous learning curve, confusing features. An easy-to-use app.

  • Connects to your lead sources and CRM
  • White glove onboarding and customer support
  • Recommendations and templates for campaigns that fit your unique business goals. 

Why Hatch and not some other platform?

A few things:

1. A product designed to make your life easier, not harder.

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Super simple campaign builder with templates.


Pipeline-style conversation tracking boards.

icon - list

Step-by-step audience and workflow creation.


Clear reporting for training and optimization.

2. A team dedicated to making sure you succeed:

icon - playbook

Onboarding specialist and complete training.

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Seamless integration with industry leading apps.


Ongoing support via email and in-app chat.

icon - notebook

Guides and resources to get the most out of your investment.

3. A few people who can vouch for us.

Allow us to share our trophy wall.

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Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

Ready to see how Hatch can get your prospects to respond? Request a demo today.