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Sales Pro


Comprehensive messaging software for pre-sale communication.

  • Hatch-Checkmark Lead engagement
  • Hatch-Checkmark Sales follow-up
  • Hatch-Checkmark Nurture & rehash

Custom Pro

Our most powerful solution for multi-location businesses.

  • Hatch-Checkmark Everything you need to scale revenue, from first touch all the way to referrals.

Terms to know

  • Messaging Platform: The core Hatch App with its key features:
    • Campaigns
    • Workspaces
    • Audience Builder
    • Workflows
    • Reporting
    • Integrations
    • Onboarding & Support
  • Hatch Chat: A live chat widget on your website that allows your customers to text directly with you.
  • Strategies: The solutions offered within Hatch:
    • Speed-to-Lead for instant lead engagement
    • Sales Follow-Up for appointments, quotes, and estimates.
    • Customer Experience to provide appointment updates, ask for reviews, and more.
    • Nurture to target upsells, cross-sells, dead leads, and canceled appointments.

Included in all plans:

All plans are annual, paid monthly per location.

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CRM & lead sources

icon - list


Dedicated onboarding and support

Icon - chat


Text, email, voicemail, phone

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Website chat to text widget

Key Features

  • Easy automation & workflows
  • Custom Audience Builder
  • Sequence & messaging templates
  • Website chat-to-text
  • Shared inbox
  • Reporting
  • 10DLC & TCPA compliance
hatch sales automation workflow example

Used by 1,000+ home service businesses to increase appointments & sales.

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The Hatch Strategies

Speed to Lead


Sales Follow-Up


Customer Experience




Hatch drives ROI and revenue

“After just 1 month of using Hatch to follow up with our leads, our lead-to-estimate rate went from 5% to 25%.”

“We’ve doubled our sales in general. Our whole sales approach has been completely revolutionized by using Hatch.”

"I can directly attribute $6.5 million to Hatch in 2020. Hell, it got us through COVID."

Improve your response rates. Grow your revenue.

The Hatch app makes it easy. Request a 15-minute demo today.

Hatch pricing FAQs

How does Hatch pricing work?

Hatch app pricing has three plans: Sales Pro, Business Pro, and Custom Pro.

Every plan includes omnichannel messaging (text, email, voicemail, and phone), integrations (with your CRM and lead sources in a few easy clicks), dedicated onboarding and ongoing support (through phone, email, and in-app chat), and compliance (we’ll make sure you meet 10DLC and TCPA requirements).

Texts, emails, and voicemails are paid monthly per location.

What are Hatch Strategies?

These are the core solutions offered within Hatch. We offer four Strategies: Speed-to-Lead, Sales Follow-Up, Customer Experience, and Nurture.

You can learn more about these strategies on our Solutions Page.

Can I use Hatch for manual texting?

You can use the Hatch Messaging Platform for manual texting, but the real value of the platform comes from the automation strategies, which are designed to drive your appointment, sale, and retention goals with fewer resources. You can automate your outreach, and then, once the customer responds, you can jump in and engage manually and in real-time.

Is support tiered?

Nope! No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get an onboarding specialist to help you set up your account and integrations, expert guidance to help you create the right campaigns and messaging, and ongoing customer support through an account representative, live chat, and help articles.

Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of Hatch’s features so you can get the most out of your sales, marketing, and customer support investments.

How does Hatch help me grow revenue?

Manually keeping track of every lead, quote, and customer is impossible, especially when your team has their hands tied trying to reach out to new leads all day. 

Whether for leads, prospects, or existing customers, putting effective, personalized outreach on autopilot enables you to you seize every opportunity, get more responses, and free up time to engage with those responses.

Now add in shared conversation tracking boards, smart lists, and workflows to streamline everything as well as reporting to see what's working and what's not.

Higher volume and quality of conversations, plus efficiency and visibility turns your business into a powerhouse that:

  • Generates more appointments, sales, upsells, cross-sells, reviews, and referrals.
  • At lower overhead costs
  • Not only increasing revenue but also
  • Maximizing your returns on all of your other marketing, sales, and customer support investments.
This is how better communication translates to more revenue.

Do you offer discounted annual pricing?

Your Hatch subscription is an annual subscription with the option to pay monthly or annually.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can always change your plan according to your business needs.