Prompt, personalized communication at scale

Satisfy, convert, and streamline with Hatch AI.

Hatch in a nutshell

Whether you're targeting leads, prospects, or existing customers, automated outreach is the key.

1. Automate your outreach

 Put effective, personalized outreach on autopilot – text, email, and voicemail.

2. Win the response

Use our pre-built sequences, proven to increase response rates.

3. Close the deal

Get notified and jump in as soon as they respond so you can close the deal.

How Hatch AI works

Set your goal

First and foremost, what specific objective you looking to achieve? Hatch supports multiple goals across your funnel:

  • Convert leads
  • Follow up on quotes
  • Book appointments
  • Satisfy customers, and more.

Build your audience

Next, build the segment you want to target. Hatch lets you get super granular while eliminating hours of list importing and updating. 

  • Direct integration with CRM and lead sources
  • Filter for any criteria in your database
  • Contacts auto-enroll per your criteria

Create your campaign

Now you can create your outreach message sequence—tailored to that specific audience and engineered to get responses. 

  • Multi-channel messaging (text, email, voice)
  • Proven, best practice-based templates
  • Continuous (tasteful) outreach until the contact responds

Let your Hatch AI bot handle responses

Train an AI bot to converse with customers according to your processes and brand voice—saving you hours while enhancing the customer experience. 

  • AI-powered text, email, and voice
  • Full control over persona and scripting 
  • True two-way conversation

Manage it all in one place

Organize your conversations into column-style boards where you can track, monitor, and jump in if the need arises.

  • Customize columns to your pipeline
  • View all correspondence in one thread
  • Bots will move and assign contacts accordingly

See the results in your dashboard

Last but not least, get a 360-degree picture of your AI and human performance to measure ROI and optimize for success.

  • Filter by campaign, channel, rep, or bot
  • Measure cross-funnel conversion 
  • View appointment, sale, and revenue data


We've got your back on the details that matter.



Seamless integrations

Hatch integrates seamlessly with the top lead sources and CRMs so you can create targeted campaigns tied to real-time activity.


Support at every stage 

We are with you at every step so you can equip your team—both humans and AI bots—for maximum success. 

  • White glove onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email and in-app chat support
  • In-app tools for AI optimization

Compliance as a priority

We're in a new age of TCPA. Compliance is built in to our onboarding and app to ensure your campaigns perform optimally.

  • 10DLC registration
  • TCPA compliance
  • Transparency into deliverability and opt-out rates

AI that delivers

After just 1 month of using Hatch to follow up with our Angi leads, our set rate went from 5% to 25%.

mark-groveman Mark Groveman Marketing & Events Manager

We've doubled our sales numbers. Our whole sales approach has been completely revolutionized with Hatch.

levi french Levi French VP, Marketing

I can directly attribute $6.5 million to Hatch. It's a no-brainer.

chris-hove-2403 Chris Hove CMO & Managing Partner

Streamline, satisfy, and scale with Hatch AI. 

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FAQs about Hatch

What is Hatch?

Hatch is a contact center communication platform for sales and service teams that is text- and AI-first. With custom AI bots that converse with your contacts and automation to streamline everything, you can seize every opportunity across the customer journey while also saving time and controlling overhead costs.

Is Hatch a CRM?

Hatch is not a CRM. You connect it to your CRM so that you can create campaigns, audiences, and workflows based on the details about your contacts—all of which are stored in your CRM. Think of Hatch as the communication arm of your CRM.

Is Hatch a lead aggregator?

Hatch is not a lead aggregator, but it allows you to enhance your lead spend ROI. When you integrate Hatch with your lead sources, your campaigns can fire out to leads the minute they fill out a form, while you're top of mind and before your competitors can get to them. No list creation, importing, or updating.

Is Hatch a mobile app?

Hatch is both a desktop and mobile app, so you can perform all of the same operations using your phone or computer.