A solution for every stage of your funnel

Use the Hatch app to engage contacts across the entire customer journey, from lead to loyal customer.


Strategies offered within the Hatch app

Hatch offers five core solutions, called Strategies, to help you fuel your funnel, increase ROI, and grow revenue.

Speed to Lead

If you don't respond to your home improvement leads within five minutes, they're as good as gone. With instant lead engagement, you can beat competitors to every lead, set more appointments, and get a higher ROI on your lead sources.

How it works

  1. Connect Hatch to all your lead sources—your website forms, CRM, and lead aggs like Angi and Thumbtack.

  2. Use the easy Campaign builder with optional (but proven!) templates to create a sequence of personalized outreach and follow-up messages—via text, email, ringless voicemail.

  3. As soon as a new lead comes in, your outreach sequence will automatically trigger.

  4. As soon as they respond, you'll a notification so you can then jump in and engage in real time.

  5. Handle all of your text, email, and phone conversations with them right inside of Hatch.

Why it matters

The home improvement market is fierce! Lead aggregators sell one lead to four or more contractors, and homeowners expect fast responses and convenience.

  • 78% of consumers go with the business that reaches out first.

  • 82% of homeowners expect to hear from you within 10 minutes.

  • Responding within five minutes can increase conversion rate by 900%.

  • 69% would prefer for an unfamiliar company to contact them over text messaging, rather than over the phone.

Beat your competitors to every lead.
Beat your competitors to every lead.
Automated, but personalized outreach.
With automated, but personalized outreach.
Connect to any lead source.
Connect to any lead source.
Jump in when the contact responds.
Jump in when the contact responds.
Text, voicemail, call, email - over any number of days.
Text, voicemail, call, email – over any number of days.
Assign conversations so no leads get missed.
Share and conversations so no leads get missed.
Personalize and adjust for specific contacts, holidays, and schedules.
how long does it take you

How Speed to Lead works in Hatch

"With Hatch we're able to respond to leads incredibly quickly. The instant response saves us so much time. We love it! We would absolutely love to have every single lead source of ours connected to Hatch."

"We never thought we could get to every new lead within a minute, but we are with Hatch."

Sales Follow-up

Sales reps and technicians don't have the time to keep track of which estimates need follow-ups and when. 

Hatch keeps track and performs the outreach for you so you can seize every sale opportunity.

How it works

  1. Connect Hatch to your CRM.

  2. Use the easy Campaign builder—with optional (but proven!) templates—to create a personalized sequence of outreach messages to your prospects.

  3. Set your rules so Hatch will automatically add contacts to the sequence when they meet the criteria.

  4. Get notified once your customers respond so you can jump in and take it from there. 

  5. Conduct and track all correspondence right within Hatch, and add team members to conversations as needed.

Why it matters

50% of your competitors are not following up properly. Big opportunity here!

  • Effective sales follow-up can increase close rates by 7-10% and revenue by 10-20%.

  • 70% of the leads that you quote will not buy from you right away...

  • ...BUT 62% of those leads WILL buy within 12 months.

hatch - automate your follow up outreach
Personally follow up on quotes and estimates.
Create contact lists based on any criteria.
Create contact lists based on any criteria.
Use workflows to put it all on autopilot.
Use workflows to put it all on autopilot.
Contact lists will auto-update.
Contact lists will auto-update.
hatch - See all your nurture and follow-up campaigns in one place.
See all your nurture and follow-up campaigns in one place.
Jump in when you get a response.
Jump in when you get a response.

How Sales Follow-Up works in Hatch

"Our reps don’t have the time to follow up after every appointment. Hatch puts that on autopilot, so we can sell more jobs without any of the extra work."

"We made $1M in 8 months just by following up with unsold leads."


It takes some serious CRM mining, careful messaging, and diligent follow-up to re-engage old leads—and who has time for that? Hatch automates all of this so you can turn partially sold jobs, dead leads, and canceled appointments into customers. 

How it works

Use this Hatch solution to target won/partials,  partially sold jobs, dead leads, canceled appointments, and upsells.

Here's how:

  1. Connect Hatch to your CRM

  2. Use the easy Audience builder to create contact lists based on any criteria: engagement with your previous campaigns, time since last interaction, appointment result, you name it.

  3. Create your personalized outreach and follow-up sequence with the Campaign builder—it has optional (but proven!) templates.

  4. Set rules with the Workflow tool so Hatch will automatically enroll the appropriate contacts into those sequences.

  5. Get notified when contacts respond and jump in and take it from there.

Why it matters

You've already paid for that lead. It's like finding money in your couch! But like, a ton of money.

  • Revisited leads can represent 7-10 % of your gross revenue.

  • 10% of the old leads sitting in your CRM right now are just a text away from buying.

  • 40% of appointments are set after the first 24 hours, but most businesses only focus on new leads.

hatch solutions - nurture - promo example
Reach out to reengage dormant customers.
hatch solutions - nurture - cancellation follow up example
Check in on on canceled or postponed projects.
hatch solutions - nurture - upsell example
Follow up on recent projects with upsell opportunities.
hatch solutions - nurture - workflow example
Use workflows to keep track of who needs what and when.

"We can literally touch any single person in our database, in a matter of seconds, for any reason. And the best part is, we’ve already paid for that customer."

"Hatch is always working on your behalf, reaching out to people and keeping track of responses. You can literally duplicate your efforts over and over. It's a serious game changer."

Customer experience

Personalized attention to every customer is crucial—but impossible when you're juggling multiple projects.

Use Hatch to effortlessly wow customers into retention, upsells, reviews, and referrals. 

How it works

Set up workflows to automatically send personalized texts, emails, and voicemails to customers for:

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmations
  • Project updates
  • Feedback requests
  • Review and referral requests
  • General check-ins
  • And more!

With Hatch keeping track of each customer's status and doing all the outreach, you can now concentrate on quality engagements with the ones who are responding.

Why it matters

  • The chances of selling to existing customers are 60-70%, vs 5-20% for new customers.

  • Boosting customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25-95%.

  • It costs 7x more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

  • Existing customers spend 31% more and are 50% more likely to try a new product than new customers.

  • 51% of consumers will leave a review if prompted via email or text.

  • 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase.
hatch solutions - customer experience appointment confirmation text
Keep your customers updated at every step.
hatch solutions - customer experience - review request example
Request reviews
hatch solutions - customer experience - negative review follow up example
Handle negative reviews with ease.
hatch solutions - customer experience - assign conversation example
Assign the appropriate team member to each conversation.
how do you keep up with all of these?

"A client was upset we didn’t get out there in time, but she was able to express her frustrations to me over text. The next day she purchased an $8,000 installation package."

"I don't just contact leads and make sales with Hatch, but I use it to contact customers when their materials show up and for post-sale follow-up. Hatch is frickin' awesome as hell."

Hatch Chat

Consumers today prefer live chat and text over phone and email. With Hatch Chat, you can connect with potential customers on these preferred channels and continue the conversation even after they've left your website.

How it works

  1. When a visitor arrives at your website, a greeting will pop up inviting them to text with you.

  2. Once they provide their name, phone number, and message, the conversation continues on their cell phone over text message.

  3. You can text with them via mobile or desktop.

Why it matters

  • 90% of consumers want to have text conversations with businesses

  • The response rate for texting is 45% compared to email at 8%. 

  • 69% would prefer for an unfamiliar company to contact them over text messaging, rather than over the phone.

  • 97% of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives. 

  • Texting has proven to increase set rates by +20%. 
hatch app - hatch chat greeting
Engage customers on the channel they prefer most – text.
hatch app - hatch chat send a message
Capture their information instantly.
hatch app - hatch chat confirmation message
Convenience at its finest.

Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

Ready to see how Hatch can get your prospects to respond? Request a demo today.