Audience Builder FAQ and Troubleshooting

What to do if you run into issues using the Audience Builder

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I am using a date field but I can't use it like a date in the Audience Builder.

There may be times where a field has dates as its values, but Hatch does not recognize it as a date-type field so you would not be able to query it like a date.

If the field you are trying to use as a date does not have the operators below, you can use the support chat in the bottom-left corner of Hatch to let the support team know there is a field type that needs to be updated.

The field type change will only have to happen once per field and after that you can use it as a date at any time. Hatch just needs to know that that's what kind of data it is.

Why do I see "hatch:missing_source" in the Source Picker?

What Hatch uses to determine where contact data came from is a field called "source". If the source of the data is not included in the data that gets sent over, Hatch has no way to determine the source for that data.

All of our integrations and lead partners include a source, so the hatch:missing_source will only apply to setups outside of that (for example, a webform that does not indicate the source name).