Contact Card Basics

Contact Card Overview


Contact Details:

The contact details section displays the current, along with past opportunities on a contacts record. You can click through each opportunity to  view the previous and present stauts' for the contact. 


On the top left Hand side of the contact card, there is a small arrow. This is where you may now access the 'opt-out' function within the contact card. 

Set a Reminder :

This function allows for the user to set a calendar reminder regarding a contact. Does the contact need to be recontacted 2 months from now? Set yourself a reminder with personal notes attached so that you will know how to best proceed with the contact when the time comes. 

Record a Sale:

Mark the date of a sale and the sold amount on the contact card, along with any additional details that may be helpful to your team regarding the job. 

Mark as Unread:

Opening a conversation clears any unread message notifications that contact might have. Use the Mark As Unread tool to add a unread message notification back to your board. This can be useful if you aren’t ready to respond yet, or you would like another member on your team to take a look.

Move Conversation:

From the contact's card, you can easily move a conversation between columns or to a different board (if that workspace shares contacts).

Close Conversation:

You can also move a contact off your board by using the 'Close conversation' feature. Don’t worry, if the contact messages in again, they will pop back onto your sales board. As well, closed conversations can always be accessed on the Contacts page.