Contacts Page

Navigating to the Contacts Page

When you log into Hatch, by default you will be on a Salesboard to which you are assigned. On the left-hand side of the screen (to the right of the workspace tiles), you will see a navigation bar that allows you to go to other pages.

In order to get to the Contacts page, click the person icon . It is the second-highest icon in the navigation bar.

The Full Contacts Page

Below is the entire contacts page and in the sections below we will cover a series of sections in depth.

Header Section

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 1.48.07 PM

  • A: Simple Search
    • Entering a search term here and either hitting Enter or clicking the magnifying glass will return a list of contacts that include the search term in the First Name, Last Name, Phone, or Email fields.
  • B: Groups Drop-down
    • This is a list of all groups that exist on the workspace.
    • The default is “All Contacts”.
    • If a group is selected, the contacts list will filter to contacts that currently fit that group.
    • A group must be selected to enable the Edit a Group or Copy a Group features.
  • C: Edit a Group shortcut
    • Clicking this will open a query editor that is populated with the selected group’s criteria.
  • D: Total Contacts
    • This is a count of all the contacts that exist in the current workspace.
  • E: Total in Group
    • This is a count of all the contacts that fit the criteria of the selected group.
      • If no group is selected, this will be 0.
  • F: Selected Contacts
    • This is a count of all the contacts that are currently selected (the checkbox by their name is ticked).

Actions Section

This menu is on the right-side of the Contacts page. This area of the screen is also where the query editor lives when opened.

  • A: Upload CSV
    • Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 1.59.51 PMClicking this button will lead to an option to download a CSV template or upload an existing CSV to add contacts to Hatch manually
  • B: Data Explorer
  • C: Create a Group
    • Clicking this will open a blank query editor box where you can input HQL and save a group with a name.
  • D: Copy a Group
    • Once a group is selected, this option will be available and you will be able to copy the query of the selected group.
  • E: Edit a Group
    • Once a group is selected, this option will be available and you will be able to edit the query of the selected group.
  • F: Launch into Campaign
    • When this is clicked, you will be able to select a campaign from that workspace and a preview of the messaging will show up.
    • When contacts are selected, you will then be able to manually kick off the selected campaign for the selected contacts.
  • G: Create a Contact
    • Clicking this opens a form to input
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Phone Number
      • Email Address
    • Clicking save will create a new contact or will add an opportunity to an existing contact if that phone number or email is already associated with a contact.
  • H: Advanced Search
    • This is a blank query editor that does not allow a save but does allow for one-off HQL searches.

Contacts Table Section

  • A: On Board
    • This column lets you know if the contact is on the current workspace or not
  • B: Tags
    • The only two tags are related to Hatch events
      • If the contact is currently in a campaign (C)
      • If the contact has been opted out in Hatch (D)
    • If a contact has either of these tags, that contact cannot be selected to launch into a campaign
  • C: Campaign Tag
    • This tag displays the name of the campaign the contact is currently in
  • D: Opt Out
    • This tag only applies when the contact was opted out in Hatch
  • E: Rows Per Page
    • This allows you to choose the amount of contacts that appear per page to scroll through
    • The count next to this is which range within the contacts the current page is on