Create a Campaign

Creating a campaign is easy with campaign templates. In this tutorial, we'll walk through how to make a campaign from start to finish.

Step by Step

Step 1 - Navigate to the Campaigns Page

On the campaigns page, you can see all the campaigns that were created in the Workspace. You can also rename campaigns or delete campaigns from the main page.

To create a new campaign, click 'create campaign'.

Step 2 - Create Campaign.

From the campaign templates, you can decide if you want to build a campaign from scratch or use one of the templates provided.

Step 3 - Write your verbiage and pick your cadence.

If you are using a campaign template, adjust the campaign language to include your company name. The campaign should basically be ready to go! 

If you are starting from scratch, you'll need to figure out when you want to send messages, what they will say, and what type of message.

We recommend spreading a series of text, email, and voicemail drops over the course of several days–but it all depends on what type of campaign you would like to create.  

Step 4 - Add additional messages such as voicemail drops

If you are using a campaign template, make sure to add voicemail drops to your campaign. 

Note: When you record your voicemail, make sure it is generic enough (don't mention the customer name or specific details to a customer) because the voicemail will go out to all contacts that are put into that campaign. 

Step 5 - Adjust message send times.

Text, emails, and voicemail drops can be sent at any time you would like. 

If you choose Launch for send time, the message will go out whenever the campaign is launched. For example, the campaign is launched at 9:05am. Contacts will begin to receive messages shortly after. 

If you choose a specific time for send time, the message will go out the when that time rolls around again. For example, the campaign is launched at 9:05am. The first message is scheduled to go out at 10am. When 10am rolls around, anyone put into campaign at 9:05am will begin to receive messages. 

Step 6 - Adjust Details + Create Campaign

Choose if you would like this campaign to send messages on the weekend or on holidays. Holidays currently include Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.  

Once you have reviewed your changes and made any adjustments, click Create Campaign. If you ever want to make additional edits to the campaign, simply click back into the campaign card.

Note: any contacts that are actively in campaign when changes are made will receive the campaign messages that were set before the changes were made. Any contacts that are put into campaign after changes were made will receive the new messages.