Hover Integration


The Hover integration allows you to add a Hover link to any Hatch campaign message.

The Hover link will be unique for each customer that receives the Hatch campaign message.

  • If the customer has an existing Hover link, that is the one they will be sent
  • If the customer does not have an existing Hover link, one will be generated for them and sent to them

When the customer receives the link, they will be prompted to download the Hover app and provide pictures of their home so a 3D model can be created.

Since they are in Hatch, you can contact those folks at any time to follow up.

Activating the Hover-Hatch Integration

  1. Click the direct integration link sent by your implementation specialist
  2. Click the connect button, and sign in to your hover account

  3. Once thats completed, simply press the activate button in the top right to enable your Hatch+Hover integration

You will now be able to send Hover links to your Hatch contacts via campaign messaging!

How to add the Hover link to Hatch campaign messaging

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.


  2. Find the campaign you’d like to add the link to, select the three dots icon, and select Edit from the menu that appears.

  3. In the campaign verbiage, wherever you’d like the Hover URL to appear, place exactly this:


    This is how the snippets appear in campaign verbiage. For the person that receives the message, this will be replaced by their unique Hover link

  4. Once you’re done editing, click Update Campaign.

Once the campaign is saved with the Hover snippet in it, any contact that is launched into that campaign will either:

  • have their existing Hover link sent to them if one exists
  • have a new Hover link generated and sent to them if they do not have an existing link