Images in Campaigns

Adding images to campaign messages can be an effective way to personalize your customer experience. 

See a quick demo here: 

Popular Use Cases

Appointment Reminders and Confirmation

Adding an image of the sales representative that is coming to the house can build trust and credibility with the customer prior to the appointment running. 

New Product Offering

If you have previous leads that were unqualified due to lack of product offering, you can reach out to them letting them know that you now have a product they might be interested in. 

Sending an example of the product can give them a better idea if it’s what they are looking for. 

Review Request

When asking customer for a review, send an image of the company's logo to make your text official. 

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to a campaign, and decide which text you would like to add the image to.

  2. Click the attachment icon to upload an image from your device.  

  3. Once the image has uploaded, save your campaign. 

  4. The next time the campaign runs, the contacts will receive the image attached with the text message. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files can I add?

PNGs, JPGs, and GIF Files can be added to a campaign.

What file size is recommended?

There is a 5 MB file limit for images. In order for an image to show up well in phone communications, we recommend keeping your image between 400 x 400 px.