Importing Contacts with a CSV

The easiest way to get started is to import contacts into Hatch is through a .CSV file. This can be exported from your CRM, or wherever you keep customer information.

A basic .CSV is required to have the following information fields (columns) in or

Field Name Example  Notes
First Name Sarah Column Required, but contact will still import if not available for certain contacts
Last Name Stevens Column Required, but contact will still import if not available for certain contacts
Email A contact must have either a phone number and/or email to be imported. 
Phone Number 401-017-1947 A contact must have either a phone number and/or email to be imported. 



Working Column Required, but contact will still import if not available for certain contacts

Hatch directly supports the following additional fields. We recommend you add the following if they are readily available:

Field Name Example Notes
Created Date


This field can be used for contact created date, or appointment created date.
Updated Date 2/20/2020 This is often a 'Last Modified Date' or a 'Last Updated Date/Time' field

External ID

10710393 If the contact as an ID associated, such as appointment or opportunity ID. This field will take place of that.
Other Details Representative Name, House Color, Address, Spouse Name, Appointment Time, Source All other details will still import into Hatch. They will show up in the contact as details. There details can still be used for targeting and campaign language. 

If you need an example, copy our Template to get started.

Creating Campaigns with Imported Contacts

Creating a List for Campaign

Contacts can be launched into a campaign using any details that were added upon import. To learn more about Campaign in general, click here.

If you like to segment contacts prior to importing into Hatch, we recommend adding a 'tag' upon import to easily find contacts for launch.

  1. When creating your CSV, add a column called "Campaign Tag". For each contact, add a value that will be unique for that list of contacts. For example "Rehash21024" or "HomeshowOctober". Here you can see a tag of "HomeshowOctober" was added to the contact record. We will use that to search for later in Hatch.
  2. Go to the Contacts Page within Hatch and click Import CSV. Make sure fields have matched up appropriately, and confirm the import.

    Import your CSV, and then confirm all the fields are matching up appropriately. Fields that don't match will still come through as Details.

  3. Once contacts are imported you can locate the list in the audience builder by selecting the Imported as the source option on the contacts page within the Audience Builder and selecting the column name you decided on your tag. Using this criteria you can also can save the audience for these contacts and use that group to automatically launch contacts into the campaign via workflow. 

    Using the tag we've added on in the CSV, we can now search for our unique list of contacts in Hatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not see an option to export a .CSV from my CRM. Are there other formats I can use to import my data?

Currently Hatch only supports the importing of .CSV files.

However, many common spreadsheet formats can easily be converted to a .CSV using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. If you can export as a .XLS, .XLSX, or a .TSV these formats can be saved as a .CSV with little to no data loss.

I want to launch every contact in a campaign on this .CSV I am importing. How do I find the contacts easily once I import the .CSV?

We recommend adding a unique tag on the CSV that you can search for later in Hatch. Click here to learn more. 

My .CSV has the customer's First Name and Last Name combined into one field/column. Can I use this column when I import the .CSV?

While Hatch will not stop you from importing your .CSV, It's important that these are two separate fields.

Our recommended messaging is built around only using the customer's First Name, if these two fields are joined, then the customer will always be called by their Full Name.

I have multiple columns containing phone numbers. Will Hatch know to grab phone numbers from different columns?

Hatch only supports matching one phone number to a contact. If you have multiple columns of phone numbers, we recommend mapping the Hatch Field to any mobile numbers columns you have available. 

If you wish to target different kinds of phone numbers for different customers located across multiple columns, you'll have to combine those columns together so every contact has a phone number in Hatch.

My question isn't here!

Reach out to us at so we can get it answered for you!