Minimum Requirements for Using Hatch

Curious about what the technical requirements are to run Hatch? We've put together some helpful information about our supported browsers and operating systems (OS).

Web Browsers

Connect to Hatch from the web on your device at anytime at Just make sure it's one of our supported browsers.

Browser Requirements
Chrome  Version 77 or above
Firefox  Version 70 or above
Safari  Version 12.1 or above
Microsoft Edge  Version 18 or above

To update an outdated browser, use this website to get all the latest versions of popular browsers. 

Mobile Devices

Hatch can be accessed on mobile or tablet devices using Mobile Browsers. However, we have optimized our site for certain Operating Systems.

Operating System Requirements
iOS  iOS 11.1 or above
Android  Android 5.0 or above

Unsupported browsers and OS

To focus on delivering the best possible experience in Hatch, it is necessary to keep the list of supported browsers and operating systems short. When a browser is no longer supported, we stop fixing bugs and issues.

Need Help? If you are having trying to update, but find yourself getting stuck, reach out to our team.