Operators define the relationship between the field you've selected and the information within that field.

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Operators are a way to relate the chosen field to the value you’re going to use.

There are 4 types of fields, and each type has its own set of operators. The 4 types and their operators are:

Text (most fields will be this type)

  • IS and IS NOT look for values that match the exact value input.
  • CONTAINS and DOES NOT CONTAIN look for partial value matches.
  • IS EMPTY and IS NOT EMPTY simply look for contacts that either have nothing or anything in that field, respectively.
    • Examples (using Field | Operator | Value):
      • Appointment Result | IS | Demo No Sale
        This would only return contacts that have exactly "Demo No Sale" in the field "Appointment Result"
      • Project Type | CONTAINS | do
        If you had "doors" and "windows" as project types, contacts with either of those would return because both values contain "do" within them
      • Sales Rep Assigned | IS EMPTY
        This would return any contacts that have the field "Sales Rep Assigned" blank


  • All of the options here are timeline related, and you will receive an additional Date Operator to further define your reference range (shown below)
    • Examples (using Field | Operator | Date Operator):
      • Appointment Date | IS WITHIN | DAYS AGO | 2 | 14

      • Set Date | IS BEFORE | TODAY

      • Sold Date | IS AFTER | CUSTOM DATE | 03/13/2023


  • These operators are typical amount/count comparisons
    • Examples (using Field | Operator | Value):
      • Quote Amount | EQUALS | 10000
      • Number of Windows | IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO | 6
      • Contract Total | IS NOT EMPTY


    • Examples (using Field | Operator):
      • Appointment Set | IS TRUE
      • Contract Signed | IS FALSE