Organization-Level Business Hours

Setting up Organization-Level Business Hours in Account Settings

Setting Organization-Level Business Hours in the Account Settings before setting workspace-specific Business Hours is best practice because all workspaces will inherit these Organization-Level Business Hours by default, and can then be customized in specific workspaces as needed.


Operating Times

In the Account Settings, there is a section for Business Hours that includes an opening time and a closing time for each day of the week. By default the Business Hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

You are free to edit the operating times as necessary.

Auto-Reply Message

Below the Operating Times section is a text box that shows the message that a contact will receive if they message the workspace outside of the Operating Times.

This is the default message:

Thanks for reaching out! We are currently closed, but we wanted to confirm we received your message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible after we open at [[next_open_time]].

You are free to edit the verbiage if you'd like to say something specific.


You’ll notice the default message has a snippet called [[next_open_time]]. This is the only snippet available for the auto-response and is determined by the operating hours. If the next open time is Thursday at 9:00am, in the message it will look like 9am Thursday.

Toggling On/Off

Note: You must click the edit button before the On/Off toggle can be used

If there are workspaces that inherit the Global Business Hours settings, those workspaces will:

  • have Business Hours off if Organization-Level Business Hours are toggled off
  • have Business Hours on if Organization-Level Business Hours are toggled on

Newly-created workspaces will inherit the Organization-Level Business Hours settings by default.