Source Picker

The Source Picker is the first part of narrowing down an Audience.

The first part of any Audience Builder statement is to choose the source of the contacts you are looking for.

Video Walkthrough


Example of the Source Picker

Common Contact Sources

CRM Integration

If you are looking for contacts from your CRM, you will likely see a source that looks like integration:your_crm_name.

If you have a CRM that is handled by the Data Team, the source will be imported.

Lead Sources

You will also see all of your lead sources in this list that you can query as well, the names of which will display the way Hatch receives them.

CSV Imports

Any CSV files that are manually uploaded to Hatch will have the source imported.

Other Sources


This source allows you to filter contacts based on Hatch Campaign history. A common example is to filter out contacts that have been through a specific campaign already.


This will allow you to filter contacts based on the contact info in Hatch. The fields available for this source are:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • phone_number
  • email


If a lead source does not send a source name in the information they send to Hatch, those will fall into the hatch:missing_source bucket. It is important that lead sources send a source along with the contacts they send so that the sources will appear in the Source Picker list.