Suggested Responses

Save repetitive messages as a suggested responses for your team. Add new responses from Workspace Settings.

How it works

    1. Decide as a team how you would like to respond to certain messages. We often see message templates for things like Pricing or Timing ObjectionsNot Interested, or Quick Follow Up.
    2. Add a new response or edit a previously written response from Workspace Settings under the Features Tab.
      Give it a title that will make it easily identifiable, and then craft messages that you find yourself sending again and again.
    3. When crafting a message from inside a contact card, write a message from scratch or use one of your new suggested responses. 

When to Use Suggested Responses

You can add as many suggested responses as you want within your workspace.

We have found that our customers add message templates for the following reasons:

  1. You find your team sending the same message over and over 
  2. To build consistency in messaging amongst team members
  3. To save time from having to write messages out manually

Interested in seeing some of our most common templates?

Check out the Suggested Responses Playbook here.