What is a Workspace?

A Workspace contains a Board, Contacts, Campaigns, and Settings.

Each Workspace is assigned a unique phone number and email address that allows your team to reach out to customers. When a contact is put into a campaign, we use the Workspaces’s information to send them text, voicemails, and emails. 

To your customer, it looks like they are simply having a text conversation or receiving a call, but in Hatch you can keep your customers organized through Workspaces. 

What Makes up the Workspace?

Each section of the Workspace is interconnected. While members may spend most time on the Board responding to messages, Campaigns and Contacts allow you to target contacts and send them messages.

Here's a breakdown of each section in the Workspace:


Where you respond and organize all your contacts and conversations. 


Where you can access all your contacts and put them into campaigns.


Where you can create and manage campaigns for your workspace.

Workspace Settings

Where you can adjust settings specific to that workspace including Workspace Initials, Voicemail Greeting, Call Forwarding, and more.