Workflow Removal Rules

Here is how you can use the Audience Builder to automatically take contacts out of a campaign.

There will be times where a contact that was launched into a campaign no longer needs to get messages from that campaign.

For example, a contact in a speed-to-lead campaign sets an appointment. If the contact does not reply to the campaign, Hatch needs another way to know "this contact does not need to continue getting these messages".

When building a workflow, you will have a step that looks like the Audience Builder. The difference is that on this page you are telling Hatch:

”If a contact in the campaign fits this criteria, remove them from the campaign”.

Common examples of Removal Rules:

  • A contact in a sales follow-up campaign ends up purchasing. For this workflow, you could make a statement that equates to "Remove if Appointment Result is Sold"
  • A contact in a speed-to-lead campaign sets an appointment. For this workflow, you could make a statement that equates to "Remove if Appointment Date is on or after today".

Hatch checks the removal rules anytime the workflow launches and anytime contacts update. At that point, if a contact is in the workflow and fits the removal criteria, the contact will be taken out of the campaign and will not receive any of the remaining messages from that campaign.

Remove Rule Logic

While an Audience usually relies on multiple statements all being true at once (using AND connectors), a common case for Remove Rules is that any of the statements could be true in order to take someone out of a campaign (using OR connectors).

Using OR instead of AND is not always the case for Removal Rules of course, but it is important to be aware of the logic you use for both the Audience and the Removal Rules because the results can be drastically different depending on which you use.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can I still use HQL Removal Rules?
Yes, there is an option just above the Next button on the Conditions page that will allow you to write HQL as a Removal Rule instead.

Can I use HQL and Audience Builder Removal Rules at the same time?
No, it is one or the other with HQL and Audience Builder remove rules. Switching to the other method will erase the existing Removal Rules.