Workflows Overview

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Workflows are the feature in Hatch that allow automatic launching of groups into campaigns.

Once you have a group (who to launch) and a campaign (what you want to say to that group), the role of the workflow is to launch the contacts either at a specified schedule or as soon as a contact enters Hatch and fits the criteria for that group.

The workflow is also responsible for removing contacts from campaigns automatically if they fit certain criteria.


  • You have a Speed to Lead campaign, but you'd like contacts to be automatically removed from that campaign once they have an appointment booked.
  • Once you've expressed that to our team, we will work with you to determine how we know in Hatch that an appointment was booked.
  • Once we know how to determine that in Hatch, we can add that as criteria for removal so folks in that campaign who book an appointment will stop getting messages from that campaign.
  • This is just one common example, but if you know you have situations where you'd like a contact to be removed from campaign automatically, please reach out and we can help!

The Workflows Page

Here you will find all of the workflows that exist on that particular workspace as well as if those workflows are enabled, disabled, or have been archived. You can also see who is currently active in the campaign and contacts that have completed the campaign (clicking the Active or Completed button will give you the list of contact names)


Clicking the Show More button on a workflow will allow you to see a recap of all aspects of the workflow, including:

  • Campaign
  • Group
  • Launch Frequency
  • Conditions for Removal

Enabling and Disabling

If you attempt to disable a workflow that has active contacts in it, you will be given the option to either remove those active contacts from the campaign, or let the active contacts continue through the campaign. Choosing either of these options will prevent future launches until the workflow is enabled.


Other Options

By clicking the 3-dot menu button on the right side of a given workflow, you will be given 3 options:

  • Edit the Workflow
  • Rename the Workflow
  • Deactivate the workflow
    • Deactivating a workflow will remove all active workflow contacts from the attached campaign and will not launch thereafter

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