Zapier + Hatch - pt. 1

In this article, we’ll cover how you can connect to Zapier to bring in lead sources into Hatch.


Our App within Zapier allows you to pull in contact or lead information from various lead sources into your Hatch Account and drop them directly into a campaign.

Note: Before moving forward with using Zapier, confirm that we don’t offer a direct integration with your lead source. See the full list of our partnerships here

Here’s How it Works

  1. A potential customer fills out a lead form on your website, social media, or on a lead aggregator like StickyLeads
  2. Once the form is submitted, a “Zap” will run and send that information over to Hatch.
  3. Hatch receives that lead information and can put the contact into a campaign. 

Popular Zapier Connections with Hatch Accounts

There are 1000+ Apps that you can connect to in the Zapier Marketplace. We’ve listed out the ones that are most popular amongst our clients here at Hatch.

If you want to try something different, just search on Zapier and see if they have an App available. 

  • NinjaForms
  • Hubspot Forms
  • Thryv
  • StickyLeads

Note: If a lead source you want to use is not available through Zapier, reach out to our team and we’ll investigate if we can use another method to connect such as a custom integration or our Standard Web Form Integration


Creating a Zapier Account

In order to set up this integration, make sure you have created a Zapier Account. Create your Zapier account by clicking here

Note: At this point in time, our Zapier App is only available through invite. Please follow these steps to gain access and set up a Zapier integration. 

Gain Access to Our Zapier App

Our Zapier App is now public so an invite link is not required! You can find it by simply searching "Hatch" in Zapier's app marketplace. 

Creating the Zap

    1. From the Zapier Dashboard, click Make a ZapScreen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_1.56.45_PM.png
    2. Set up your lead source as the trigger in your new Zap. This is the form or source you want coming into Hatch.  Search for the app you want to connect. For this example, we're going to connect our JotForm account. mceclip0.png
    3. Once you find your lead source app, it goes to ask you to select your Trigger Event. This is going to be different based on the app you are connecting but typically this is when a new lead is submitted or a new entry is received (the language will change a bit depending on what App you are connecting).  For this example, we're selecting New Submission.  Select and click Continue. mceclip1.png
    4. Next, you'll need to authenticate using your credentials or by logging into the app you are connecting.  You may be asked to allow Zapier to access your app. Click Allow and continue.mceclip2.pngmceclip3.png
    5. Once you've authenticated you'll see the app is connected and you can Continue. mceclip4.png
    6. At this point, some apps will show a test lead and confirm that the lead is showing all the information you want and move forward to adding Hatch.
    7. Now it is time to select your Action. This is where you will search for Hatch.mceclip5.png
    8. Select Hatch as the action in the Zap. If Hatch fails to show, make sure you have accepted the invite here.

      Search for "Hatch" in the Zapier Marketplace.


What version of Hatch do I select?
The public version of the Hatch app is our most up to date version. Older, private versions may still function but are not recommended for new zaps. 


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