Add a Workspace

This article covers how to add a Workspace to your Hatch Account. If you would like to see an overview of Workspaces, see What is a Workspace. 

Note: You must have owner or manager permission to access Account Settings. 

Add a Workspace to your Account

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking on your profile in Hatch. Click Account Settings.

    navigate.pngAccount settings KBI

    When you first reach Account Settings, you can see a quick overview of your account. 

    On the General Page, see your account name, owner email, and owner phone number, and other details.

  2. Click Workspaces in Account Settings to see all your current workspaces, or add a new workspace.

    On the Workspaces Page, you can see all your active Workspaces, and see which users are assigned to each.

  3. Click Add Workspace. Name your workspace, and pick your area code for your workspace’s number. We’ll assign a phone number based on what area code you choose. 

    Clicking Add Workspace will present you with what information is required to set up the workspace. 

  4. Pick your timezone, assign your team members, and then hit Save.

Note: Members can be added to workspaces at any time.