Workspace-Level Business Hours

Note: It is recommended that a manager-level user set up Organization-Level Business Hours in the Account Settings before setting Workspace-Level Business Hours.

Setting Up Workspace-Level Business Hours

Navigate to the Workspace Settings (screenshot below) and the Business Hours feature will be visible on the default page.


Inherit From

There are two drop-downs labeled Inherit From, one for the hours and one for the auto-reply message. By default, the Organization name will be here and the settings will mimic the Organization-Level Business Hours setup from the Account Settings.

Custom Hours and Custom Response


For workspace-specific changes, select Custom Hours or Custom Response to change the hours or auto-reply respectively.

If a workspace uses Custom Hours or Custom Response, that workspace will then appear as an option in the Inherit From box on other workspaces.

Toggling On/Off

Note: You must click the Edit button in order to use the On/Off toggle.

If the workspace uses a Custom Response, the on/off toggle will affect that workspace only.