Turn conversations
into revenue.

Increase response, set, and close rates without increasing costs. Now supercharged with AI.

This is what better communication looks like

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Never miss an opportunity again

Hatch integrates with your CRM and lead sources so you can seize every opportunity across your funnel. Automate your outreach for:

  • Instant lead engagement
  • Sales follow-up and rehash
  • Customer project updates
  • Review requests

More responses, less work 

Not only do Hatch campaigns increase response, set, and close rates—they also eliminate hours spent calling leads, writing messages, and sifting through lists.

  • No more tedious work
  • Jump in as soon as you get a response
  • More time to close deals

Multiply your output with AI

Hatch's customized AI agents will text with your contacts to qualify and move them through your funnel...and they do the admin work too!

  • < 5 second response time
  • Fully conversational
  • No advanced skills needed to configure

The Hatch secret to higher response rates

Too many platforms enable communication at scale, but not effective communication at scale.  This is the Hatch difference.

What effective communication looks like: 

Multiple channels

Calling rarely works. It's text, email, and voicemail that gets the response.

Multiple touches

It takes 5-12 outreaches to get a response from a lead or customer.

Multiple days

Pace your messages to go out over several days, with some pauses in between.

The right message

Our campaign and message templates keep it short and invite a response.


"With Hatch we can now reach that magic number of 3-5 touches that gets the response and leads to a sale."

limric-success-story-jd-zeliff JD Zeliff LimRic HVAC Inside Sales Specialist

Carry out effective communication at scale 

The secret to higher response rates is all in the delivery



Multiple channels

Text, email, voicemail

Multiple touches

Keep following up until you get a response

The right messaging

Use our templated campaign sequences and messages

The right rep

Jump in and engage in real-time as soon as you get a response


"Hatch is the first product I have seen use AI
to provide actual business value."



On a platform that makes it easy

Between message templates, dedicated support, and AI agents that share the workload, we've got you covered.


Custom campaigns

Multi-touch sequences using text, email, and voicemail – with templates.


Track, share, and assign conversations in visual, pipeline-style boards.

Dynamic audiences

Create granular audiences that sync automatically with your CRM and lead sources.

Time-saving AI bots

Fully customized AI agents that text with customers and do admin work.

"I used to spend 10 days scheduling installs. Now I do it in 10 minutes."

melissa-ellis Melissa Ellis High West Siding & Windows Marketing Director

Not just a communication solution - a revenue solution

Hatch equips you to increase revenue without increasing workload, lead spend, or payroll. It puts scalable growth in your hands.


Campaign performance

See which Hatch campaigns are generating the most revenue.


View sales generated per rep to assess and train team members.

Full-funnel reporting

Track contacts reached, replies, appointments set, and sold.


Get a transparent view of your Hatch-influenced revenue.

"We uncovered $1.5 million in rehash business with Hatch. It has changed our entire approach."

chris-hove-2403 Chris Hove Matrix Basement Systems CMO

Turn conversations into revenue with Hatch.

Get a quick 15-minute demo today and see how Hatch
automation and AI works to increase revenue while reducing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hatch?

Hatch is the only AI-powered customer communication platform designed for bottom-line growth. With custom AI bots that converse with your contacts and automation to streamline everything, you can seize every opportunity across the customer journey while also saving time and controlling overhead costs.

How does Hatch work?

Hatch enables you to put personalized outreach to your leads, prospects, and customers on autopilot, saving you time while increasing response rates. You can create multi-channel campaigns using text, email, and voicemail, and create a series of messages that will continue to reach out until you get a response. Once you get a response, you can jump in to engage or let one of your customized AI bots do it for you. Instantly engage leads, follow up on every quote, and provide review-worthy customer experiences in a fraction of the time.

How does Hatch increase revenue?

Too many communication platforms are designed to improve conversation volume, which only increases workload. Hatch, on the other hand, is designed to improve conversation quality and efficiency, so you can land more appointments and sales without having to increase lead volume or payroll. Higher close rates with fewer resources leads to higher revenue and ROI, and ultimately profitable, scalable growth.

How does Hatch improve conversation quality and efficiency?

Research shows that effective communication that actually yields results requires five things: 

  • Multiple channels: Text, email, and ringless voicemail.
  • Multiple touches: It can take 5-12 touches to get a response.
  • Speed: In both the first outreach message and subsequent replies.
  • The right messaging: Short, sweet, and personalized. 

This is impossible to keep up with manually for every single contact across your funnel. The Hatch platform is built around these best practices (including templates), and with automation and AI doing the heavy lifting, your team can not only meet these consumer expectations for every contact, but also save time.

What can Hatch automate?

Hatch automates tasks like:

  • Building and uploading targeted contact lists for campaigns.
  • Reaching out to leads, prospects, and customers—and following up.
  • Keeping track of when to reach out to them based on their behavior (or lack thereof!)
  • Adding contacts to lists and campaigns based on their stage in the customer lifecycle.
  • Reporting on metrics like response rates, response times, sales per campaign, and more.

Won’t automated messaging be canned or impersonal?

Many mistakenly think that "automated" means "canned" or "robotic." But it's only the task that is automated, not the content!


You (a human) choose the audience criteria, the messaging, when and how it gets sent, and more. We have templates and guidelines to help you. Set the rules and let Hatch take it from there. So your communication is now done for you, while also being personalized, tasteful, and reflective of your brand. Plus, you jump in and engage in real time as soon as you get a response. 

How does Hatch AI work?

Hatch Assistant is Hatch's AI feature that allows you to build customized AI agents that converse with your leads, prospects, and customers over text and take the appropriate admin action in Hatch. No need for templates, they have you covered!


You configure your bot with a name, a personality, and a directive (like to book appointments or follow up on quotes). Then you give it a series of instructions, called prompts, on how to complete that job. Finally, you set rules so the bot knows how to detect and handle unqualified leads or those who need to speak with a human.