Turn every conversation into revenue

Hatch AI agents converse, qualify, and set appointments in 67% less time.

Hatch has driven $3.1B in revenue for our customers

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Seize more opportunities across your funnel

Hatch AI lets zero conversations slip. No more missed opportunities from slow, ineffective communication.

  • Engage every lead instantly
  • Follow up on every estimate
  • Revive every unengaged contact

Deliver unparalleled customer convenience - at scale

Unlike humans, your AI agents can handle multiple conversations at once without skipping a beat. Use them to:

  • Give every customer personalized attention
  • Reach resolutions in minutes, not days
  • Stand out as a brand

Give your humans growth work, not grunt work

Your AI agents cover the repetitive, but essential work so your humans can:

  • Employ their true talents
  • Focus on strategic growth
  • Accomplish more gratifying work in less time

One Hatch bot alone

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Carry out effective communication at scale 

The secret to higher response rates is all in the delivery



Multiple channels

Text, email, voicemail

Multiple touches

Keep following up until you get a response

The right messaging

Use our templated campaign sequences and messages

The right rep

Jump in and engage in real-time as soon as you get a response


"Hatch is the first product I have seen use AI
to provide actual business value."



Hatch is generative AI
you can trust

Train your bot unlike any other AI on the market so you can stay hands-off, yet in-control and on-brand.

True customization

Keep your bots on-brand with custom personas, instructions, and business information. 

Full control

Rest easy knowing you can monitor conversations, success rates and response times, and take over at any time.

Built-in guidance

Confidently launch your bots with the help of dedicated support and built-in optimization tools.

Ease of use

Steer clear of confusing code or complex branch-building—instruct your bot with conversational language.


"Hatch is the first product I have seen use AI
to provide actual business value."



On a platform built for efficiency

Delight your customers while elevating the employee experience.

Custom campaigns

Multi-touch messaging using text, email, and voicemail – with templates.


Track, share, and assign conversations in visual, pipeline-style boards.

Unparalleled targeting 

Create granular audiences and campaigns tied to real-time contact activity.

Seamless integration

Connect directly to your CRM and lead sources to eliminate hours of list creation.


"This is going to save us $30k/mo in overhead trying to overstaff for incoming messages we can't get to."



Not just a communication solution - a revenue solution

Get a crystal clear picture of how your conversations are translating into revenue for your business.

Campaign performance

See which Hatch campaigns are generating the most revenue.


View sales generated, response times, messages sent, and more.

Big-picture reporting

Track conversion rates across your funnel as well as month-over-month metrics.


Get a transparent view of your Hatch-influenced revenue.

"We uncovered $1.5 million in winback business with Hatch. It has changed our entire approach."

chris-hove-2403 Chris Hove CMO, Matrix Basement Systems

Turn every conversation into revenue with Hatch AI.

Book a demo today and see how Hatch increases revenue while decreasing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hatch?

Hatch is a contact center communication platform for sales and service teams that is text- and AI-first. With custom AI bots that converse with your contacts and automation to streamline everything, you can seize every opportunity across the customer journey while also saving time and controlling overhead costs.

How does Hatch AI work?

With Hatch AI, you can create bots for lead outreach, estimate follow-up, appointment reminders, and more. Configure each bot with a name, a persona, a business profile to refer to, and a set of instructions, called prompts. You'll also use rules and settings so the bot behaves according to your processes and brand voice. Once it's ready to go, you'll attach it to a campaign and watch it work its magic!

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use Hatch AI?

Nope! Hatch Assistant does not require any coding or complex branch building. All of the prompts and instructions you give are in plain language, like "Ask the customer what day and time works best for them." The bot builder also comes with built-in tools to ensure your bot is set up for highest success. 

And finally, we have your back with dedicated onboarding and support throughout!

Can I really trust a bot to interact with my customers?

Sure can! Your bot will follow your prompts and rules so that it behaves exactly as you want, and you'll have a test conversation window right in the bot builder so you can test out refinements as you make them. 

And as we mentioned above, you'll have the tools and human guidance to make sure you've set it up properly.

And if that wasn't enough, you might like to know that our customers are now using bot conversation transcripts to train their humans!

What does it mean that Hatch uses "generative AI"?

Generative AI is AI that can come up with its own content. So while prescriptive AI takes existing data and makes suggestions, such as “Follow up with this customer,” generative AI can actually come up with the actual follow up message for the customer. And Hatch AI takes that a step further: your bots will text customers for you and hold authentic conversations with them.

Won’t automated messaging be canned or impersonal?

Many mistakenly think that "automated" means "canned" or "robotic." But it's only the task that is automated, not the content!

You (a human) choose the audience criteria, the messaging, when and how it gets sent, and more. We have templates and guidelines to help you. Set the rules and let Hatch take it from there. So your communication is now done for you, while also being personalized, tasteful, and reflective of your brand. Plus, you jump in and engage in real time as soon as you get a response.

How does Hatch AI work?

Hatch Assistant is Hatch's AI feature that allows you to build customized AI agents that converse with your leads, prospects, and customers over text and take the appropriate admin action in Hatch. No need for templates, they have you covered!

You configure your bot with a name, a personality, and a directive (like to book appointments or follow up on quotes). Then you give it a series of instructions, called prompts, on how to complete that job. Finally, you set rules so the bot knows how to detect and handle unqualified leads or those who need to speak with a human.