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Creating a Killer Website

Building an astounding internet presence that checks all of the right boxes, while still being genuine and relatable, can be quite a challenge. Studies have shown that in less than a second’s time, a viewer will have decided whether or not to stay on your website. That means you have one opportunity to make an impressionable impact on a homeowner. What you do to turn them into a lead and potential customer relies heavily on your presence on the internet. Most importantly, your website. A positive internet presence allows your home improvement business the opportunity to schedule more appointments and land more contracts.


There are so many facets of creating (or refining!) a website. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to pay attention to when doing so.

Know your goals before you begin

When creating your website, simplicity is key. Your main goal as a provider is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to know who you are and what you do. In addition, you should make it very clear what next steps your customer should take. 

To do this properly, you need to first understand these things yourself! Start with the basic information; answers to the 5 W’s and H.  Sit down and ask yourself and your team members the following questions.

Once you are all on the same page when it comes to each of these items, make sure that your website conveys all of these things in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Think like a customer

Using Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as a tool when constructing your website is what will get you in front of the leads you are seeking. Tools such as industry key words make you more accessible to your target audience via search engines. Your customers should be able to find you and know what you do in less time than it takes to tie your shoe(not a fact, it just rhymed). Successful SEO is a great way to prove reliability and connect your business to your industry.

It also helps google determine where to rank your website on their page. When was the last time you clicked past the first search engine page… Using SEO as a guide to improve your websites increases your chances for higher rankings and click rates!


Make it clear and understanable

Your website serves as the first impression of your company in an ever expanding world wide web. Not just for your leads, but for the entire population of people who are accessing the internet. Aside from being easily accessible, you want to prove to anyone who visits your website that you are worthy of their time and interest. 

Having unhappy customers due to misinformation on your business is avoidable. You may not be the glass slipper to every lead’s Cinderella story, which is why being concise with your content is necessary.

Give them engaging content to discover, display your brand as the work of art that it is. Include Call-to-actions in multiple locations on your website. When a viewer is taking the time to explore the avenue’s of your webpage, it is vital that you have a clear access point for them to be able to make that initial connection. 

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Finding a balance between text, media, external links and resources can help you avoid overwhelming them with information. In fact, psychological studies continue to prove more does not always mean better. Giving viewers too much information at once or irrelevant information can be a one way to click-et to the close tab button. Providing the right information will help your target audience decide whether or not what you are offering is worth investing in.

A pleasant experience on your website sets a good precedent for the image of your organization, inside and out. It as well gives your customers a sense of comfortability, which is what will give you the edge over your competitors. Using customer quotes and testimonials on your website creates a sense of rapport, which you can build on with satisfied customers to fuel positive feedback loops.

Add great Content

Utilize every aspect of your website to create the most superior experience for your customers. Create blogs, ebooks, guides and social media posts out of the content that you have living on your website. Post links directly to desirable landing pages on your website. Creating media based on the different content/products/services that you provide will not only help you become more successful as a company, it also serves as a knowledge base that you and your customers can refer back to later. Compiling a social media strategy can make this task less daunting. 

Make sure that your content is accessible to all of your customers, at all times. Sitting down at a desk from 9-5 is not the average for most people, particularly in the home improvement industry. Staying on top of your website speeds, stability and accessibility is guaranteeing that you are available to your customers whenever they need you.

Adapt to the modern customer

Mobile devices reign supreme in an ever growing and diversifying world and industry. Does your website have a chatbot? Or some way for your website viewers to gain real time information regarding your company? Providing people with a space to provide feedback to your company demonstrates that you are willing to listen, learn and adapt.

Speed to lead from 62

Use an interactive form on your website to collect contact information from qualifying potential customers. You can as well use forms to automate messages or engage instantly with your leads. You can use Hatch’s speed to lead a campaign to get in contact with the lead as soon as you receive the customer’s contact information.

 We began this blog with the word “building” with a purpose. You are building the foundation of your website with the correct tools, to ensure long term success. Just like you do with your company. You are creating an environment for your customers, your team, and for anyone who is curious about you, to want to know more. The longevity of business success and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.


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