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Hatch + i360 Lightning = more deals closed

i360 users that integrate with Hatch see a 7-10% increase in close rates.
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Tap into pipeline you didn't know you had

By automating personalized outreach with Hatch, you can seize every opportunity in your database.

  • Instantly engage leads
  • Follow up on quotes 
  • Win back aged leads
  • Impress customers
  • And more 

Book a call today to see all the ways Hatch turns your contact database into a gold mine.

Get started with i360 & Hatch

How it works

  • Create tailored outreach campaigns based on contact data
  • As contacts meet your criteria, Hatch will place them into those campaigns

Why it works

  • Personalized 1:1 messaging
  • Text, email, and voicemail
  • Pre-built (and proven) campaign templates
  • AI bots that text with your customers

How it's used

  • Inbound lead response
  • Sales follow-up
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Review & referral requests

Why integrate improveit360 with Hatch?

With seamless push-pull connectivity, our integration lets improveit 360 do what it does best – store your customer and lead data. Hatch takes that data to the next level with real 1:1 conversations.

What syncs:

i360 > Hatch

  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Appointments
  • Projects

Hatch > i360

  • Communication
  • Campaign events

How improveit360 integrates with Hatch

improveit360 → Hatch

Pull Contacts

Hatch fetches any newly created contacts or contacts updated within i360. That way you can engage with your clients through Hatch right away.



Hatch → improveit360

Push Communications

Conversations you have with Contacts in Hatch (text, email, voice) are passed over as Activities on their i360 Contact record.



Ready to connect i360 to Hatch?