Hatch + ServiceTitan integration

Hatch is one of the few apps that offers a full and direct integration with ServiceTitan, the most popular field service platform on the market.

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Why integrate ServiceTitan software with Hatch?

Supercharge your efficiency so you can get more done and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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More reliable audiences and reporting

The sync updates every 15 minutes, so your automation is tied to real-time contact activity throughout the day.

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Leverage more of your data

Data is organized into standardized sets so you can create the right setup for your business goals and get the most out of both products.



No more back-and-forth

View all of your Hatch communication and campaign activity for any given contact, right within ServiceTitan.



More control, less hassle

Set it up yourself right within the Hatch app and pause, activate, and edit your settings whenever you need to.

See how Hatch integrates with ServiceTitan.

FAQs about ServiceTitan integration

Key things to know about ServiceTitan software, integrations, and APIs.

What is the Hatch + ServiceTitan integration?

Hatch offers a native integration with ServiceTitan that you can activate on your own within the Hatch App. This integration is bidirectional, meaning ServiceTitan shares contact data with Hatch and vice versa.

What is ServiceTitan?

ServiceTitan is a field service management system. What is field service? This is any service performed “in the field” aka away from the office and on client property. For home improvement and home services businesses, this includes consultations, estimates, repair and maintenance, troubleshooting, inspections, and more. 

ServiceTitan’s field service management system is a software that brings together all of the tools and resources needed for field service businesses to carry out their operations efficiently. This includes scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, sales, marketing, reporting, and more.

Why integrate ServiceTitan with Hatch?

While ServiceTitan helps you to carry out all of your “behind the scenes” operations efficiently, Hatch helps you to carry out all of your customer-facing activities efficiently. Normally, you’d have to switch back and forth between these two platforms to get the whole picture of a project, contact, or campaign. With an integration, however, the two platforms share data so you can view information and complete tasks all in one place, keep more accurate records, and take your efficiency to the next level.

When you can get more done in less time and with fewer resources, you put yourself in a position to maximize your ROI while also providing exceptional customer experiences.

What data can I sync between Hatch and ServiceTitan?

You can sync just about any field data you want between Hatch and ServiceTitan. Here are some main buckets and examples:

  • Jobs (status, number, type, ID, etc.)
  • Estimates (status, value, subtotal, etc.)
  • Appointments (assignments, statuses, technician ID, number, arrival window, etc.)
  • Membership (name, type, status, location, discount, etc.)
  • Business Units (active, id, name, etc.)
  • Campaigns (id, name, status, modified date, etc)
  • Customers (contact preferences, status, name, type, etc.)
  • Locations (status, id, address, zone)
  • Custom fields

You can choose which data syncs to Hatch, and where/whether notes should be included. You can also edit these settings at any time.

Is it easy to integrate ServiceTitan with Hatch?

Yes! While many apps require manual backend work and collaboration with a data team to integrate with ServiceTitan, the Hatch + ServiceTitan integration is direct and self-service. This means that you do not need any third-party “middleware” like Zapier, and that you can do it yourself, right within the Hatch app. We offer detailed instructions but we’re more than happy to help you set it up if you need. You can also pause, enable, or edit your integration settings at any time.

Does this integration use the ServiceTitan API?

Sure does! Hatch uses Elixir programming language and ServiceTitan’s V2 APIs to automatically sync data between your systems. This makes for optimal data security and processing performance.