Build custom segments using any source data.

Hatch's Audience Builder allows you to build a list that will update as contacts data matches your chosen criteria.


Targeted audiences that allow you to speak directly to the needs and preferences of a particular audience.

Access All Your Data

Create more targeted and relevant customer lists using all of your data sources, not just one – leading to increased engagement and conversions with Hatch campaigns.

Get Hyper-Targeted

Access to objects, fields, and values gives you unlimited potential to find a particular customer and their interests, making your customer journey strategy a reality.

Save and Iterate

Save your lists based on specific criteria, such as your customer demographics or purchase history, allowing you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs of your audience.

Experience the power of highly customized segments.

It’s incredibly difficult to combine multiple data sources and create the perfect audience to market or sell to.

Not anymore. Get access to all your objects, fields, values, and data types to create the perfect audience for hyper-personalized campaigns.


Effortlessly keep audiences up-to-date.

Hatch automatically updates audiences based on customizable criteria, making it easy to keep your lists organized and up-to-date.

Simply set your desired parameters and let Hatch handle the rest, ensuring that your lists are always accurate and relevant.

Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

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