Transform data into action with Hatch’s Reporting.

With Hatch's reporting, you can measure a campaign's response rate and quality, as well as your team's reply times to make it easy to see the whole picture.


Discover trends and patterns in your contact center campaign performance with intuitive reporting.


Response Rate

Response rate is the percentage of people who respond to a communication request from Hatch.

A high response rate can indicate that your message is resonating with your audience, while a low response rate may indicate that your message is not reaching or engaging your audience. Measure it in Hatch.

Reply Time

Reply time is the amount of time it takes for a team to respond to an inbound message from a contact.

A low reply time can help ensure that customers receive timely and satisfactory responses to their inquiries, resulting in more deals – while a high reply time can lead to frustration and lower customer satisfaction.

Conversation Insights

Conversation insights is a tool that helps call centers understand the content and outcomes of customer interactions.

Gain insights into how well customer service representatives are handling calls, how satisfied customers are with their experiences, and how calls could be improved. Used to optimize call center operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Boost your engagement and measure your response rates.

Response rates are the key to explosive growth on every team. Measuring your response rates allows your team to understand sales, customer service, and marketing effectiveness. 


Measure reply time and hold your team accountable.

Measure and optimize sales, customer service, and marketing teams with reply time reporting.

Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

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