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59:1 ROI 

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$8k sale 

out of a customer complaint, thanks to text.

The company

This Hatch customer is one of the leading providers of window and door replacements in the U.S.

The problem

This business was already using Hatch to automate its outreach to leads, quoted prospects, and customers. With multi-channel, personalized messaging that continues to follow up until the contact responds, they was seeing significantly higher response rates from contacts.

Conversations falling through the cracks

The only problem was, it was getting harder to keep up with the influx of engagement. With one team member handling as many as 15 respondents each, conversations were starting to fall through the cracks, leading to missed opportunities and disappointed customers. 

A burdened team

“Handling these inbound conversations is only one aspect of our job,” said Kaitlyn, one of the company's Data Entry Team Leads. “We are always working on several projects at once, but we’d often have to neglect those projects to keep up with these inbound conversations.”

Kaitlyn and her teammates were burning the candle at both ends—not uncommon for businesses and call centers today.

what is ai - top stressors in call center

The solution

That’s when we introduced Kaitlyn to Hatch AI, which enables you to build and train AI agents unlike any other offering in the market.

An AI bot that texts inbound leads

With the help of the Hatch team, Kaitlyn created build a bot that could converse with and qualify incoming leads. 

She gave him a name (Lance), a tone (professional and empathetic), and a directive (to handle inbound leads). 

Built without any code

She then gave Lance a set of prompts like “Ask for more details on the project,” “Get their home address,” and “Find out what day and time works for them.” Just plain language instructions, no need for coding or branch building.

renewal by andersen + hatch ai success story - prompt examples

Refined with custom rules

She also created rules so that Lance would know how to detect and respond properly to successful conversations, bailouts (leads that need to talk to a human agent) and discards (unqualified leads).

renewal by andersen + hatch ai success story - example of rule setting

That moves contacts through the pipeline

Once the conversation is complete, Lance then assigns that contact to the appropriate column in the Hatch conversation tracking board. 


The results

Now, Kaitlyn's team depends on Lance to handle new leads coming in, and unlike humans, he can actually converse with multiple contacts at once without skipping a beat in his reply times or service demeanor.


“Lance can talk to 15 leads at once without falling behind on responses, and he does a great job weeding out unqualified leads. This has reduced our workload significantly.”

"Lance can talk to 15 leads at once without falling behind on responses. This has reduced our workload significantly.”

Faster response times

With Lance doing the heavy lifting, Kaitlyn's team has been able to reach out to every lead immediately—but even faster—and also maintain the speed and convenience in the ensuing conversation needed to keep customers satisfied and moving through the funnel.

In fact, his average reply time is 4.72 seconds. 

renewal by andersen + hatch ai success story - reply time and conversation duration


Hours of time saved

With Lance handling the bulk of the conversations and weeding out unqualified leads, Kaitlyn and her teammates now have time to complete the other projects that are critical to company growth. 

In the last 30 days, Lance has handled 920 conversations and filtered out 293 unqualified leads. Assuming the average conversation with a lead takes about 15 minutes, that's 230 hours, or 57.5 hours per week!




But because Lance's average conversation duration is 3.91 minutes, he gets those 230 hours done in 57 — that's 75% faster.




And these numbers are just for one bot. Katilyn has cloned Lance for two additional markets, when you combine the work of all three bots, you get a total of 1,539 conversations, 524 unqualified leads filtered out, and 513 hours saved in the past month. That's 128 human hours saved per week!



A reduction in overhead costs

The hours saved has reduced overhead costs for this business significantly. Between all three bots, they're saving $3,200 per week in overhead costs, which amounts to $166,400 per year.

hatch ai success story - saving $166,400 a year in overhead costs


Note that the time saved is through customer interaction alone, it does not include the admin work that the bots complete as well, such as updating contact pipeline status and assigning them to team members. 

“We depend on Lance, and he has reduced our workload significantly. I know I can focus on the rest of my job duties, while leaving Lance to efficiently do his. This bot has improved my working days by ten fold, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

"This bot has improved my working days by ten fold. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

Scalable growth

This client's experience with Lance has been so successful that they’re considering using it for more than just lead outreach, such as with quote follow-up and existing customer engagement. 

“Overall the ease of use has been really fantastic. Anytime I need anything, the Hatch Team is quick to help. Now that Lance is set up, I’ve duplicated him and have just been refining him as I monitor his conversations.”

A new skill

Another bonus of using Hatch Assistant is that Kaitlyn has now attained and regularly practices the skill of AI prompting, which will prove invaluable in her career path as AI continues to progress forward.

“I never thought in my life that I’d be working with AI, but I’ve been working on the Hatch AI for a few months now and the experience has been unique, enthralling, and borderline addictive. I spend my work and personal time talking about different ways Lance can be improved; and thinking about how cool it is that I get to help program an actual AI. I’m sure my friends and family are tired of hearing about it, but I’ll never be tired of talking about it, or working on it.”

"I never thought in my life that I’d be working with AI, but this has been unique, enthralling, and borderline addictive."

Truly empathetic AI

Not only can they count on Lance to collect all of the information needed while adhering to customer communication best practices, but Kaitlyn frequently shares examples of Lance having truly empathetic moments. 

“He handles our customers with empathy, grace, and care. I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought to myself, ‘How would Lance respond?’ when I am typing out a response to a customer.” 

The screenshot below is Lance’s response to an unqualified lead who asked about Section 8 housing:


In another example, he reciprocated a customer’s sentiment and even included an emoji.


 “I was skeptical at first about having an AI bot talk with customers, but I fully trust Lance. With the help of the Hatch Team, as well as of my team and trusted co-worker Christina, Lance has become an irreplaceable asset and addition to this team.”

To learn more about Hatch AI, you can book a demo here or try it yourself here.

"I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought to myself, ‘How would Lance respond?’ when typing out a response to a customer.”

Read a real conversation between Lance and a lead

Click below to read a real text conversation between Lance (AI bot) and a new lead. Note that the lead's name has been changed for security purposes.

Read the text conversation

Lance | Assistant 7:09 PM
Margo, this is [Company name removed for confidentiality]. Are you still looking to get work done? If so, let's talk next steps. When are you free?

Margo Harris 7:09 PM
Hello, yes, I’m free now.

Lance | Assistant 7:09 PM
Great! To better assist you, could you please provide me with your full address? This will help us understand your location and the specific services we can offer you.

Margo Harris 7:09 PM
My address is [address removed for security reasons]

Lance | Assistant 7:10 PM
Thanks so much. I wanted to make sure that you are aware this will be full replacement, including the frame of the window, installation, and we do not do repairs or simple glass replacements.

Margo Harris 7:13 PM
That is fine, I have 2 double pane windows that were shot at several years ago with a BB gun and each window was struck about 3 times.. so I'm starting the process now of getting quotes to replace these windows and possibly replace a bedroom window in the front of the house with a bay window.

Lance | Assistant 7:13 PM
I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your windows, Margo. It's important to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Before we proceed, could you please tell me what type of home you have? Is it a single-family home, a condo, or a townhome?

Margo Harris 7:13 PM
Single family

Lance | Assistant 7:13 PM
One of our Design Consultants needs to see your project to make sure we can do what needs to be done and to find out what you want. We’ll take some measurements and give you a price guaranteed for 1 full year. Does that sound helpful?

Margo Harris 7:14 PM
One of the windows is a picture window.

Lance | Assistant 7:14 PM
I understand, Margo. Picture windows can be a beautiful feature in a home. Our Design Consultants are well-versed in all types of windows and can certainly help you with that. Would you be open to scheduling a consultation so we can provide you with an accurate quote?

Margo Harris 7:14 PM
Do you have weekends available?

Lance | Assistant 7:15 PM
Absolutely, Margo. We do have weekend availability for consultations. Before we proceed with scheduling, may I have your permission to continue contacting you regarding this matter?

Margo Harris 7:15 PM

Lance | Assistant 7:15 PM
We ask that you set aside 90 minutes for the visit, whether we need it or not. Fair Enough?

Margo Harris 7:15 PM
Sure that will be fine.

Lance | Assistant 7:15 PM
Great! We also ask to meet with all owners of the property, who would that be?

Margo Harris 7:16 PM
Just myself

Lance | Assistant 7:16 PM
Great! Let's get you scheduled in the calendar. What days typically work best for you? We come out Monday through Friday as late as 6 PM, and we also come out on the weekends.

Margo Harris 7:17 PM
Do you have any availability on the morning of Feb 3rd?

Margo Harris 7:19 PM
My time frame isn't urgent, but I hope to have this completed in the next 6 months.

[Team member jumps in]

Team Member 7:20 PM
Yes, we do have availability for Saturday February 3rd at 10am or 2pm. What time works best for you?

Margo Harris 7:21 PM
2pm works great, thank you.

Team Member 7:21 PM
Great! We will confirm key appointment details via email, I have here [email address removed for security]. Is that accurate?

Margo Harris 7:21 PM
Yes this is correct, thank you kindly.

Team Member 7:22 PM
Wonderful! We have you scheduled for Saturday February 3rd at 2pm. Our Confirmations Department will be reaching out to you to confirm your appointment. Thank you for your time today. We appreciate the opportunity to come out and visit. Have a great rest of your night!

Margo Harris  7:22 PM
Thank you, same to you.

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