How Bath Fitter of San Diego is Estimating 5x More Modernize Leads without Increasing Their Budget

Hatch + Modernize Case Study


After just 1 month of using Hatch to follow-up with our Modernize leads, our lead to estimate rate went from 5% to 25%.

Mark Groveman Marketing and Events Manager at Bath Fitter of San Diego

Meet San Diego's One-Day Bath and Shower Remodeler

Bath Fitter of San Diego

Bath Fitter specializes in acrylic bathtub and shower solutions.

Location: San Diego, CA
Founded: 2013
Average Job Size: $5,500
Number of Employees: 20
Target Market: Middle class, ages 35 - 85

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The Problem

Slow and Inconsistent Follow-Up

Bath Fitter was quoting just 5% of their Modernize leads.

Reps were slow to get back to new leads and inconsistent with their follow-up. Phone calls were becoming less and less effective.

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The Solution

Automate Speed-to-Lead by connecting
Modernize to Hatch

When a new lead passes through Modernize, Hatch automatically sends a customized text, email, and voicemail to the homeowner.

Then Hatch continues to follow up until the homeowner responds.

Text - Email - Phone

One Inbox For All Communications

The Bath Fitter team gets notified when someone responds so they can jump in, answer any questions, and book the appointment.

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The Results
January - March 2021

$42.5k in additional sales

We'll let the report speak for itself. 😎

bath fitter report

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